3 Elements of Effective Lawyer Website Design

Your law firm’s website design is crucial for its success. The way your website displays, loads, and communicates with Google will ultimately decide how well it ranks in SERPs and how many conversions your firm receives. Through several technical methods and techniques, the Nolen Walker web design team can deliver unique, customized web design that not only looks and performs at the top of its game but also communicates effectively with Google and other search engines for better rankings and more clicks. Call the Nolen Walker webmasters at 866-356-8198 to get a better lawyer website design for your site.

Web Design Formats

Effective Web Design is a Deciding Factor in Where Your Site Ranks on SERPs.

What is Effective Lawyer Website Design?

Web design is composed of each of the back-end and stylization tasks that create the appearance, functionality, and communication of your website. Your site likely uses multiple coding variations along with rich media, and search engine communication to get found on SERPs and provide a great user experience. However, if even one component faulters, your entire website could be at risk of non-indexing, inaccurate indexing, or even low ranking due to poor user experience. To ensure your website is functioning at its best, make sure that each element of your site is optimized and perfected.

Web Coding

The back-end coding on your site is one of the most underrated and crucial aspects of your law firm’s website. Most sites use a combination of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and schema to deliver a fully-functional website. Each of these coding languages offers a different feature that delivers more usability to your site.

  • HTML: This code provides the skeleton for your site. It includes the content and styling codes that deliver the overall appearance of your site. This coding language is used to design content, headings, headers, and metadata.
  • CSS: When it comes to styling, CSS is top dog. This code language is used to deliver commands to your site about color, font, layout, and even presentation.
  • JavaScript: Used to create responsive elements, JavaScript is utilized for menus, graphics, click to call buttons, and much more. Without JavaScript, your site is likely to be static and unappealing.
  • Schema: This code is a highly crucial element to any website. Created through a partnership between Google and Yahoo, this coding language was specifically designed to communicate subject matter and firm information to search engines more easily for better indexing. An absence of schema makes it difficult for Google to index your pages, lowering your ranking in SERPs.

UI and UX

The user interface and user experience go hand-in-hand and require expert design elements to be effective. The user interface is what is presented to the user when the back-end coding is complete. From color scheme to animative qualities, the user interface includes all front-end elements. User experience stems from the user interface and envelops everything that the user takes in from your site. In order to rank well in SERPs, your lawyer website design must have optimal UI and UX.

  • Design: The appeal of your attorney website is crucial for keeping customers engaged and on your site. A site that has poor graphics or hard to read fonts will also have high bounce rates. Ensure your coding is correct and accurate to display the best fon-end appearance possible.
  • Usability: A sure way to lose viewers from your site is by delivering poorly organized site elements. Whether it’s a button that doesn’t work properly or a form that’s confusing and hard to navigate, bad usability on your site will ultimately lead to poor SERP ratings and low traffic rates.
  • Load Time: As a top Google ranking factor, your site’s load time is crucial. This requires correct coding and optimization to ensure that each element provides the minimum load time possible while still delivering a top-quality appearance.

Mobile Friendliness

In today’s world, mobile use outranks every other device for Google searches. Because of this, Google released the Mobilegeddon update in 2015. Through this update, websites that do not offer mobile-friendly designs are pushed to the bottom of SERPs. Now, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your lawyer website is mobile user-friendly. Thankfully, there are multiple ways to achieve a mobile-friendly web design.

  • Responsive Design: This coding technique creates a fluid user interface that adjusts automatically to the screen it’s being viewed on. With this style of design, your website never loses information or causes the need for zooming.
  • AMP Design: AMP, or accelerated mobile pages, was designed specifically to make non-mobile-friendly pages adhere to mobile-friendly capabilities. Through this design method, your pages are revised to show only the most pertinent and valuable information. This reduces load times, provides a cleaner mobile presentation, and delivers better usability. However, some elements may not be usable with this design such as some images, video, or other javaScript components.AMP Logo

Your Law Firm Web Design Experts

Your lawyer website design is a crucial element of having great SEO and performance. In fact, having a high-quality web design can lead to lower bounce rates, better conversion rates, and more traffic on your site. When you need lawyer website design that you can count on, call the Nolen Walker web design team at 866-356-8198. We design and monitor your site for the best reception and user experience you can get.