Lawn Care SEO

What sets apart the fantastically successful lawn care service from the countless others? Some would say timely service, quality of work, or even professional courtesy. While all of these qualities play a crucial role in the long-term success of your business, one factor outweighs them all: the ability to promote your business.

In a world where dozens of hardworking, courteous, and enthusiastic professionals occupy the same 25 square mile radius, the most successful businesses are those that diligently promote online. Lawn care SEO (search engine optimization) is a highly competitive environment, but one that companies need to master to grow. As more and more people look to Google searches to find their essential services, here’s how your business can thrive!

Optimized Website Design

Online marketing begins and ends with your company website! That’s because all of your paid search campaigns, social media advertising, and word of mouth generally lead people back home to your homepage. What is your website going to communicate to them? Will competent writing, clean styling, and a clear call to action encourage them to invest in your services, or will a muddled website cause them to look elsewhere?

A lead-generating, productive website rests on these three essentials.

Navigation & Styling

Clean, Easy to Navigate Styling

Brand perception is a term that many lawn care professionals aren’t familiar with. Beneath the term lies a truth that can be hard to swallow: how companies perceive themselves doesn’t always match how consumers see them. Your company website’s design plays a huge role in how potential customers perceive your team’s trustworthiness and your service quality. A homeowner who has never used your service will make a judgement before ever they even call, for better or for worse.

So what is your company website design saying about your business?

Example of Clean Website Design That Promotes Lawn Care SEO

Clean Design and a Clear Call to Action Produce Confidence in Potential Customers.

For starters, create a navigation system that makes it easy for people to find the exact services they need. Concise dropdown menus may look simple, but they also keep your design uncluttered. Your customers will thank you, and Google will reward you with better search rankings! 

Keyword Dev

Dynamic Keyword Research

Keyword optimization is a strange challenge for many home service professionals. Finding the right keywords can make all the difference for your website traffic, yet many aspects of lawn care SEO may feel counterintuitive. That’s why consistent keyword research plays such a huge role in your website’s ultimate success. At Nolen Walker, our content specialists utilize some of the most trusted research tools to uncover high quality keywords for our clients. These include popular tools like MOZ and Ubersuggest, as well as growing services like SEMrush.

Ubersuggest Provides Keywords for Lawn Care SEO

Try to Balance Search Volume With Moderate to Low Competitive Ratings. Source: Ubersuggest

Keywords affect the results of both your organic and paid search results, so take some time to discover what’s hot in your area. Remember to localize! You’ll find that “lawn care in (city), (state)” not only cuts out numerous competing businesses, it also provides better quality leads for your company. 

Quality Writing

Engaging, Informative Content

Most company managers understand the importance of keywords, but they fail to realize the role that keywords play in their content. Like mismatched pieces of a puzzle, keywords stick out like a store thumb when they are stuffed into places they don’t belong. Experienced content writers, including those at Nolen Walker, understand that content should be shaped around your keywords, not the other way around.

Quality content provides the essential information that readers crave. On a service page, that means answering any key questions that your potential customers have and guiding them towards a clear plan of action. In a blog post, that means prioritizing education over sales language.

A Blog Provides Valuable Lawn Care Insights

Does Your Content Provide Useful Insights for Your Readers, or is it Too Sales Heavy?

Are you providing the information that potential clients expect when they click on your page listing, or will they have to look elsewhere for answers? The answer could greatly affect your business’ Google search results. Build around quality keywords, then apply your industry knowledge in a way that aids your readers! You should notice more lead calls in the future.

Additional SEO Tools: GMB & Adwords

Want some more powerful assets for your lawn care SEO? Start by completing your Google My Business profile! When your business starts showing up in Google search results, these profiles provide meaty information about your company, including contact details and client reviews. This instills further confidence in potential customers, especially for an industry where word of mouth is still highly prioritized.

Google My Business Profile Results

These Google My Business Results Offer Incredibly Valuable Service Details.

Don’t forget to invest some time in paid Google Adwords campaigns! Not only do these ads bypass much of the local competition, they enjoy prominent position at the top of search results. If you’ve taken time to perform quality keyword research, you should already have the tools you’ll need to get started.

Lawn Care SEO Services

As one of the leading lawn care SEO companies in the nation, Nolen Walker offers amazing results for your search engine rankings and your lead quality. Our clients often dominate their local cities in Google Maps results, in addition to organic search. We provide optimized website design, sophisticated paid search campaign management, and invaluable social media marketing services. If you’ve been looking to expand your lawn care business, talk with one of our knowledgeable specialists today about how Nolen Walker can help!

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