What happens when an industry that relies heavily on reviews and word of mouth transitions into the age of online search? More than ever before, homeowners and businesses look to Google search for their essential services. That means that landscaping companies need to adapt to an online marketing environment for continued growth. The most crucial aspect of that marketing strategy is landscaping SEO (search engine optimization).

If you’re wondering “How on earth does that work?”, you’re not alone. Many companies don’t have the experience or dedicated talent for developing an SEO plan. Thankfully, our online marketing experts at Nolen Walker have done the hard work and research for you! Here’s what you need to succeed in landscaping SEO and start generating leads.

Custom Website Design and Optimization

Long-term success for your online marketing begins and ends with your company website! Think of your site as the foundation for all your extended marketing endeavors, from paid search to social media advertising. All of these projects should direct people back to your website.

But what will your potential customers see when they visit your website, and how does your design affect how people perceive your company?

Lovely Design

Beautiful Design Elements & Navigation

Website design elements often do more to create a perception of dependability, skill, and value than words can. A clean, easy to navigate site not only makes for a more positive assessment of your company, it also allows your guests to find their needed services faster. That’s good news for your conversion rate (turning clickers into leads), and even better news for your Google search page rankings!

Visuals Play a Greater Role in Landscaping Web Design. Note the Simplistic Menu Style.

Companies who master landscaping SEO know how to make the most of their page real estate without making things feel claustrophobic for readers. That’s why these companies focus on promoting their best-performing services, keep a concise navigation menu, and create clear calls to action that drive potential clients to either call or email. Understand these design elements, and you can create a gorgeous website that consistently generates leads!

Keyword Dev

Keyword Research & Optimization

You likely already understand the concept of keywords and their basic role in landscaping SEO. Where most businesses fail is in the development of balanced, traffic-generating keyword stockpiles. They instead focus on picking the highest volume keywords, get frustrated with organic search results, then pay a fortune in paid search ads.

Ubersuggest Results Offering Tips for Landscaping SEO

Keyword Research Tools Analyze the Top Performing Phrases in Your Industry. Source: Ubersuggest

Our content development team at Nolen Walker utilizes analytical tools like Ubersuggest, MOZ, and SEMrush to cultivate lists of potent phrases. While keyword research may take some time on your part, it pays off in better rankings in organic search and savings in your paid search campaigns. You can further refine your results by localizing your keywords (example: Landscaping SEO in Fort Worth, TX). Not only does this cut out dozens of online competitors, it also reduces the number of false lead calls from people outside of your service area!

Engaging Content

Insightful Content Creation

One of the beautiful things about quality, keyword-enriched content is that it has a two-fold purpose. First, it provides engaging details for your site visitors that encourages them to come back for more. Second, it drives your search engine rankings towards premium page one results!

Blog Article With Flower Picture

Stimulating Visuals and Informative Content Make for Outstanding Landscaping SEO.

As you or your web developer craft each service page, ask yourself these two questions:

  • Will this content provide the information we’ve promised?
  • Do these pages offer clear details about our services with great call to action?

Answer “yes” to both these questions, and you can rest assured that the boost in search engine rankings will reflect your efforts. You’ll love the rise in lead calls for your business!

Lining Up Your Other Resources

Beyond your website, there are so many valuable tools to nourish and grow your business! Google Adwords’ paid ads, for instance, provides compelling results at the top of search engine page results. One of the most crucial (and free) tools for companies to take advantage of is their Google My Business listing. Many tools produce detail-rich results on the search results page, but they also can feed back into your website.

Google Reviews on a Website to Promote Landscaping SEO

Take Advantage of Google Reviews to Further Optimize Your Website!

Since landscaping SEO relies so much on word of mouth, Google Reviews are a particularly crucial element to adopt for your website. They convey both a feeling of accountability and trustworthiness for your company!

Landscape SEO Solutions

Are you searching for ways to grow your online marketing results? Talk with one of our knowledgeable marketing experts at Nolen Walker and find out how our landscaping SEO services can both grow your online search volume and create better quality leads. Our clients regularly place in the top search rankings of their community. From initial website design to ongoing content creation, we’ll help you create an online marketing strategy that provides long-term growth for your business!

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