In an industry as competitive as heating and cooling, how can your business stand out? As more and more consumers search online for their essential services, the answer is clear: HVAC company SEO (search engine optimization). By making your business more visible to potential customers on Google and other popular search engines, substantial growth becomes an obtainable goal.

To reach new clients and improve your company’s rankings on Google, you’ll need to understand the essentials of HVAC company SEO. Our specialists at Nolen Walker has worked with numerous heating and cooling enterprises around the nation. We’ve done all the hard work to determine how businesses can succeed in this increasingly online industry.

Customized Website Creation

As you can imagine, your company website plays (or will play) a huge role in your online marketing efforts. In fact, it’s safe to say that successful online marketing strategy begins and ends with your site. All other elements, from social media marketing to paid search ads feed back into your website to grow the brand. That’s why building a solid foundation is such an incredibly important part of your business’ growth!

What does a successful commercial website look like? Search for these following elements!

Web Design

Intuitive Website Design

What kind website design elements make it easiest for your customers to find what they need? One of the most crucial aspects of any site development is navigation. Menu bars, dropdowns, and additional links bars make it simple for homeowners and commercial clients to locate their desired service and contact your business. Confusing navigation has the opposite effect, frustrating visitors and driving them elsewhere.

Example of Great Web Design for HVAC Company SEO

Simple Menu Design Plus a Clear Call to Action Make for Higher Conversion Rates on Your Site.

Even the way your pages are structured makes a huge impact on the way Google judges the website when it first goes live. Make sure each sub-service is categorized neatly under a primary service, or Google crawlers may not be able to understand your site correctly. This service page hierarchy can make or break a site right out of the gate.

Keyword Research

Localized Keyword Research

Even the best writing in the world will have a challenging time getting noticed without the proper keyword optimization. Keywords drive the performance of each page on your company website, allowing Google to properly index your site and guide users your way. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to perform adequate keyword research. As a result, they go chasing after extremely competitive words they won’t rank for. Or they resign themselves to underperforming words that don’t provide the volume of leads businesses need to thrive.

At Nolen Walker, our content developers spend quality time researching keywords, because we know just how powerful these words and phrases are to our clients. Tools like Ubersuggest (seen below), SEMrush, and Moz allow us to gauge a word’s competitive level and volume, so that we can create better performing content for client websites.

Keyword Results for HVAC Company SEO Research

Finding a Balance Between High Volume and Lower Competition is Key. Source: Ubersuggest

One of the most lucrative ways to boost your keyword performance is localization. By targeting high volume keywords and adapting them to your area of business (example: furnace repair in Fort Worth, TX), you immediately earn two fantastic benefits. First, your business essentially cuts out other companies from communities you don’t compete in. Second, you eliminate would-be callers that fall outside your service area. That means better rankings and higher quality leads!

Content Writing

Insightful Content Creation

Once you have your list of keywords for each of your service pages, what comes next? Creating engaging content begins long before you start posting on the company blog. Your service pages also provide invaluable information for your potential customers, addressing their concerns and guiding them towards a solution.

Service Page With Keyword-Rich Content

Keyword-Enriched Content Drives SEO and Brings More People to Your Services Pages.

In the end, the purpose of content is to inform and engage. Homeowners and businesses come to your website to explore their options. Finding a balance between insightful content and brand promotion can be a trying challenge. If you master that balance however, your website should experience heavier user interaction (lead calls and emails) and significantly improved search engine ranking!

Your Additional Google Assets

There are so many invaluable tools that companies can exploit beyond their website. Many of them are free, including your company’s own Google My Business (GMB) profile. Our team at Nolen Walker has seen many businesses earn significant traffic improvements just by registering and confirming their listing in GMB. This enhances your company’s results when people search locally or for your particular brand.

Search Ranking Improved by HVAC Google My Business

Don’t Forget to Claim and Confirm Your Google My Business Profile!

For paid search advertising, few platforms offer the incredible return on investment that Adwords provides. It’s common for businesses to earn a two fold return on their paid search campaign spending! If you take the time to develop a pool of high-performing keywords for your service area, it’s easy to start generating additional leads.

HVAC Company SEO Services

As the top HVAC SEO company in the nation, Nolen Walker specializes in online marketing for your business. Our clients regularly sit in the top rankings for their local Google search results, with increased site traffic and higher quality leads. The team at Nolen Walker offers a full suite of SEO services, from custom website development to paid search campaigns in Adwords.

Want to increase your company visibility online and improve lead quality? Talk with one of our experienced specialists about crafting a plan for your business.

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