Home Security SEO

When homeowners hunt for enhanced security systems, where do they begin and end their search? Online. As top search engine in the world, Google provides a wealth of opportunities for those businesses that understand its rules and requirements. Most traditional forms of advertising continue to dwindle in popularity as people browse for their services on the web. Now people shop for their services via search engines, social media, and Google adverts. More so than ever, companies must understand what it takes to succeed in home security SEO (search engine optimization)!

So what will it take to successfully promote and expand your business in this era?

Building on a Custom Website

When you build a house, you begin with a strong foundation. As you shape your commercial online marketing strategy, your work should be founded on a tailored, high performance company website. All other marketing venues, including social media and Google Adwords, feed back into this starting point for customer interaction. Clean, easy to navigate site design not only enhances the way consumers perceive your brand, it also encourages first time visitors to further investigate your services!

A Great Website for Home Security SEO

This Informative, Clean Homepage Offers Easy Navigation and a Clear Call to Action.

Of course, a powerful company site isn’t something you can just throw together overnight. It requires research into your industry, an understanding of functional web design, and a willingness to test and refine. You also need to comprehend the essentials of home security SEO.

Optimizing Your Site for Premium Search Rankings

So you’ve crafted an alluring design for your company website. There’s still the task of creating alluring, engaging content. That content also must be optimized for Google’s analytical formula, a force that continues to change over the years. If you consider the vast number of homeowners that rely primarily (or even exclusively) on Google searches, it’s worth investing the time, money, and effort to dig into optimization!

Keyword Research

Advanced Keyword Research and Planning

The most successful website developers understand that keyword optimization makes all the difference in a website’s performance. That’s why content writers spend much of their time in keyword planning, utilizing tools like SEMRush, MOZ, and Ubersuggest to research high-volume words and phrases. Armed with these powerful weapons, clever writers then use these keywords to drive their content performance.

Home Security SEO Through Keyword Localization

Smart Content Writers Localize Their Keywords to Create More Quality Leads.

To generate more qualified leads, our team at Nolen Walker prefers to localize our keywords. This eliminates the majority of out-of-state and out-of-range callers, and it optimizes your website for locals you need your services the most! Keyword localization drives performance in both paid adverts (Google Adwords) and organic search results.

Quality Writing

Well-Structured, Informative Content

In the past, greedy developers tried to outsmart the algorithm’s in Google search engine by stuffing their websites with excessive keywords. As with most shortcuts, this came back to hurt them in the end. Quality writing and other forms of engaging content are more important than ever for the success of your company site!

The most productive businesses know what homeowners really desire as they search online: informative, easy to read content. Provide readers with a clean layout and a clear call to action, and your calls will start to rise steadily.

Clean Structure

Optimizing Beyond the Page

Did you know that website optimization goes beyond what potential customers see in the pages of your website? That’s right! Building a successful commercial website also requires optimization for off-page elements. Service category organization and page arrangements also play a huge role in Google’s evaluation of your page. 

One of the easiest ways to boost your search engine results is to utilize high performance keywords in your URL structure. For instance…

Optimizing Site Structure for Home Security SEO

Notice the Service Sub-Categorization at the Top of the Page.

On page, the site utilizes a simple hierarchy structure to order services. Off the page, our designers cleverly use a high volume keyword in the URL slug (the tail end of the web address) to further drive Google search rankings. It looks like this…


Knowing the ins and outs of website design and home security SEO allows your business to take advantage of these performance boosting opportunities, which drives more people towards your company.

Home Security SEO Services

For companies that desire stronger performance for their website and online market strategies, the home security SEO team at Nolen Walker provides the outstanding results you need! We equip countless businesses across the United States with brand exposure, enhanced Google search engine performance, and development in other key marketing platforms (such as Facebook). From optimizing your Google My Business listing to complete custom site development, we’ll team up with your business to craft a high-performance online marketing program that drives long-term lead development.

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