Concrete & Construction SEO

Concrete and construction businesses looking to generate leads online should look to SEO. Search engine optimization is the process of improving web presence to rank on Google search results. The higher a business ranks on relevant searches, the more clicks they will receive and the more calls and email inquires they will acquire. In 2019, SEO is the most effective way to grow a concrete business. Your target consumers are all online and the majority of them have access to search engines 24/7 with their smartphone devices. SEO can be separated into different categories for businesses:

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Local SEO

As a service provider local SEO will be the most important of all optimization tasks. Your goal will be to appear on local search results — especially within the Local 3 Pack. For those who are not aware of this SERP feature, it is the section of search results near the top that displays the top 3 Google My Business listings. These listings are displayed based on the user’s location along with the relative optimization of the listing — including the number of customer reviews. Nolen Walker’s Righteous Reviews widget helps optimize businesses locally.

On-Page SEO

Most people have heard of SEO at this point and their understanding is typically related to on-page optimization. The insertion of keywords into title tags, meta descriptions, on-page content, and image alt text are all examples of on-page tasks. Because these activities are under the direct control of the webmaster, they are the easiest to refine for SEO purposes. Effective on-page SEO is dependent upon quality keyword research using tools like MOZ, Ubersuggest, and SEMRush.

Off-Page SEO

It’s naive to think that inserting keywords is all a website needs to rank high. That is simply not the case for Google and never has been. It was once true that inbound links were the primary ranking factor for search results. At that time, the quality or relevance of the link did not matter and so the algorithm was easy to manipulate. Today, links are still a ranking factor but only when they are coming from trustworthy and relevant sources. The days of benefiting from link schemes are gone.

Technical SEO

The foundation of SEO is within the codebase of your site. From HTML and CSS, to schema markup and responsiveness. Because website creators like Wix and Weebly have become popular over the past decade many websites throughout the net have template code and redundant schema markup. Custom sites standout to Google for this reason. Codebase that is original and unique and implements extensive schema markup can best communicate with the search engine and earn higher rankings.

Optimizing Concrete Services Online

We now know the components of optimization but what are the building blocks we use to execute this plan? Nolen Walker is a digital marketing company that has thrived in optimizing small businesses like yours throughout the United States. We understand what tools are necessary to boost your presence online and help you acquire the clicks, calls, and sales you’ve been coveting since the digital marketplace began to emerge. It’s best to implement SEO as a full scale operation rather than a singular task. Here’s what you will need to optimize your business online:

Custom Website

As we noted, custom websites are the most likely to rank on Google. Why? Because they have (at least in our case) extensive schema markup, clean code, responsiveness, and mobile optimization. Don’t underestimate the value of a site’s codebase because Google certainly does not. We’ve seen so many sites that are properly optimized on-page but suffer from lower rankings because of their use of templates. Aside from the mechanics of design, customization can also ensure that everything is in the right place — including calls to action and logos.

Google My Business

If you were forced to choose one element to optimize it should be Google My Business. This business listing will serve as the foundation of your local SEO. By simply claiming and optimizing this listing you have a chance to rank on Google Maps results. The 3 Pack is not an easy feature to rank on — but it becomes very possible if you start to generate quality reviews and your link the listing to your custom website. Other areas within a GMB listing include contact information, hours of operation, photos, posts, and category. Your business location will have a lot to do with your search volume.

NAP Citations

Ever heard of HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List, and other business directories? If so, you might have seen your own company on there. These directories get your information from data aggregators like Acxiom and publish them for public consumption. Sometimes the data is inaccurate in which case your local optimization can suffer. When Google determines company legitimacy they look to the consistency of their NAP listings. There are tools to fix all of your NAP citations at once (we do that for you) or you can go in one by one and change them yourself. This process is grueling and can take months to finish.

Social Media

Yes we know. Social media is not a great place for concrete and construction workers. Users are typically drawn to more entertaining subject matter. But if you dismiss social media altogether then you’ve failed to understand its business purpose. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, social networks are not necessarily about having the most followers, views, or likes. They are about establishing a web presence, building a brand online, and engaging users through well-placed advertising. Google notices that your profiles are active and verified and gives them credit to your overall SEO as “signals.”

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