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Nolen Walker Offers Business Coaching SEO

You’re a business coach or consultant looking for more clients. Sound familiar? If so, the best way to generate more coachees is through SEO marketing. Yes, having the proper credentials like ICF certification is nice, but it won’t actually get you any clients. In fact, most prospective students don’t even ask a coach whether or not they are ICF certified. SEO matters more.

How Do Business Owners Find Coaches?

They use Google search. They type in terms like “business coach near me” or “business consulting services.” The results that are produced are based on which website is optimized the best to meet the searches intent. In other words, whoever can best illustrate to Google that their website is for coaching and consulting services in a given area, and provides value to the consumer, will achieve the top ranking. As a result, business owners will click through the website and potentially sign up for one or more of the services.

How Nolen Walker Optimizes Your Coaching or Consulting Website

We’ve been in this business for years, and know exactly what it takes to rank clients at the top of search results. While Google has the final say of course, we have extensive data that points us in the right direction when optimizing a site. We work with all types of industries, but have several coaching and consulting experts that clean up on the leads in their local service area. So how do we do it? Through the following methods:

  • Content Marketing: So much trashy content exists on the web, and the consulting industry is no exception, the good news is that Nolen Walkerhas dozens of on-staff writers who are ready to craft high quality content that is specific to your business niche
  • Google My Business & Mapping: Your Google business profile is the single most important representation of your brand, and we optimize it with a verified Maps listing and address
  • Keyword Research & Placement: Ranking for high volume keywords is worthless when they’re irrelevant to your business model, which is why we research buyer intent terms and place them in your content, meta descriptions, title and header tags, and image alt text
  • Schema Markup: Google interprets context based primarily on a microdata language known as, which is implemented into your business coaching website design from Nolen Walker, helping Google more accurately promote your business to relevant users
  • Website Design: Some think a website’s value is plainly visible by its presentation alone, when in reality SEO friendly web design is beneath the surface, in the coding, HTML, and CSS itself

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