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We Help Natural Healers Market Care Online

Are you a holistic health practitioner looking to spread the word about your medicine? Or perhaps the director of a neurology center chapter dedicated to alternative healing approaches. Different states have different laws against the types of medicines that can be prescribed, and those who offer it must market their accommodations appropriately. We work with companies providing LEGAL holistic health alternatives. We help them spread the word about their medicine so that individuals who are suffering can get the care they need. Depending on the client’s practicing state and its laws, we offer the following:

  • Cannabis SEO
  • CranioSacral Therapy SEO
  • Holistic Healer SEO
  • Marijuana SEO
  • Neuroscience Center SEO
  • Reiki SEO

Finding a marketing company that deals specifically with your industry can be challenging for holistic healers and doctors. Because of the inconsistency of state laws, some national marketing agencies won’t work with certain doctors. This  trepidation may be short sighted however. For example, back in 2015, Texas passed the Compassionate Use Act which while considered a highly restrictive concession to cannabis medicine, is a concession nonetheless. People who need this medicine should be able to find out about online. Call 866-356-8198 for alternative medicine SEO services from Nolen Walker.

Choosing Nolen Walker

As an innovative digital marketing company, we offer our services to every ethical industry. While SEO is an acronym many associate with online promotion, it is not the only method through which to increase digital visibility. Other services like content marketing, social media advertising, and website design play a critical role in promoting a service or care center. By partnering with Nolen Walker today, you’ll receive the following services which are included in every plan:

  • Content Marketing: The creation and promotion of pages and posts
  • Search Engine Optimization: The refinement of on and off page signals
  • Social Media Ad Management: The direction of Instagram and Facebook
  • Website Design: The development of custom WordPress websites

When we craft websites for our clients, they are custom built by in house designers. Each website is unique so that there is no overlap in brand or visual presentation. We use WordPress as our content management system, and means for designing custom websites. We integrate all of your existing materials like logos, staff photos, and even color schemes. If you are just starting your practice and have none of the above, we can create them for you and use a library of royalty-free images until you are able to produce more photos. Call 866-356-8198 for alternative medicine SEO from Nolen Walker.