Improve Conversions with Local Data

Local Data is a Great Way to Improve Conversion Rates in Your Advertising Efforts

When people are looking for local services, their first instinct is to search online using their smartphone or tablet. Today’s search engines are programmed to find the information they are looking for based on their location. That is why local data is a key component of optimizing an advertising campaign or landing page so that they are found by local, potential customers.

Improving the conversion rates of your advertising could be as simple as improving the location information provided in your ad copy. People searching for services like yours are more likely to convert when local data is provided. It lets them know where your business is in relation to them. How close, or far away, your business is located from where the user in searching can be a big deciding factor on whether they use your business.

Adding location information also gives users better opportunities to contact you. Location extensions allow you to add details like your business phone number and address in the advertisement. These allow users to click on links to ‘Get Directions’ or ‘Call’ directly from the ad which are great opportunities to boost your conversion rate.

Having local data available for users to view is the first step. Next, you will want to set up your campaign bids to target locations around your business. Using these location bid options enhance your ability to target your desired audience and optimize your CTR.

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If you want to learn more about how local data is making an impact in search results, you can find in-depth information in the report Understanding Consumers’ Local Search Behavior published by Google.