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SEO for salons is a serious consideration for many. Why? Because for online lead generation you must be optimized for Google. Nolen Walker provides hair salon SEO to beauticians across the United States. Our services involve each aspect of digital marketing, and range specifically, from everything from website design to content marketing. Any marketing firm that has told you SEO is a singular task, is misleading you and doing a disservice to your business.

Hair Salons Websites

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Nolen Walker Helps Salon Owners Get Leads

Website design is the foundation of SEO. That’s why as a digital marketing company, we provide custom hair salon website designs. Each site is designed uniquely for your business, using your logo, your pictures, and your business information. The majority of websites on the internet use stock templates, which while might present well on mobile and desktop alike, don’t have the coding structure to maximize ranking potential on search engine results pages. Nolen Walker includes the following in our web design services:

  • Customization: Custom design made exclusively for your business
  • Mobility: Mobile presentation, AND mobile optimization, which makes all the difference
  • Responsiveness: Ideal presentation on all devices including mobile, desktop, and tablet
  • Schema Markup: Usage of microdata to best communicate with Google crawlers

There’s plenty of design companies you can call on for a hair salon website but how many of them specialize in marketing your craft? Nolen Walker goes above and beyond what is required and expected of us as a marketing service. Not only do we design a custom website that is tailored specifically for your hair salon business, but we optimize it for keywords that have buyer intent. That means terms users search when they intend to purchase your services, which in this case, will be hair salon and spa related. Call 866-356-8198 to your custom hair salon website.

Keywords for Hairdressing

We briefly touched on buyer intent keywords in the section above. It is important to stress the significance of this concept as part of a larger search optimization strategy. Choosing the right terms is not simply about describing a beauty salon, our your hair salon, for that matter, but instead about attracting the most relevant consumers to your website and Google My Business profile. Don’t get us wrong, you’ll still want to describe your business and services in great detail, but part of those descriptions should include pre-identified keywords from extensive research. At Nolen Walker, we note the following for beauty industry keywords:

  • Difficulty: How hard it is to rank near the top for the word
  • Intent: How the searcher intends the term
  • Relevance: How associated the term is with one or more of your services
  • Volume: How frequently the word is searched for

Doing all of the research on your own is time-consuming, which is part of why marketing agencies like us exist. Unlike our contemporaries, however, we don’t ask clients to choose a certain number of keywords. Instead, we attempt to rank your website for every relevant term. Of course we prioritize terms that meet the standards we outlined above, but we don’t limit a client or its website to a defined number of terms. After all, Google prefers content that uses synonyms so that user’s intent can be more appropriately inferred when providing search results. Call 866-356-8198 for hair salon SEO services.

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