SPF Spray Foam Roofing Services

SPF Spray Foam Roofing Services

Coat Layers Offer More Protection

A roof solution aimed to increase energy efficiency and improve building conditions is SPF spray foam roofing. As a sprayable foam, SPF can insulate buildings by reaching areas that would otherwise be impossible. By sealing airtight openings, the heat cannot seep in through the cracks, and the cold air cannot flow out. The result is an HVAC unit under less stress during the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX summers. In general, SPF can be applied in three ways:

  • Single Coat: One coat of SPF on the roof’s surface
  • Double Coat: The first coat followed by a layer
  • Fabric / Triple Coat: The top coat, protective fabric, and 2 additional coat layers

The latter option offers the most superior protection for commercial properties. With that said, it is also the most expensive of the three options. Which one you decide to choose might well depend on your specific situation. The pros at Walker Commercial Roofing are happy to walk you through each of your roofing options, some which will extend beyond foam roofing all together. To learn more about spray foam roofing in Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX, give us a call at 817-484-5411.

Benefits of Using SPF Roofing

Visible Benefits of SPF Roofing

Foam Roofs Can Last 40+ Years

SPF benefits are extensive and intriguing. Energy efficiency is on the mind of building owners in Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX, and why shouldn’t it be? After all, saving energy translates to saving money, which is a goal of most every business. Interior comfort is also a consideration, and sealing the roof in its most susceptible areas can keep temperatures regulated and contribute to increased work production. Take a loot at the benefits of spray foam roofing below:

  • Insulation: Blocks hard to reach protrusions or opernings
  • Longevity: Expected to last upwards of 40 years
  • Seamlessness: Lacks seams, and is completely adhered
  • Water Resistance: Virtually eliminates the threat of pooling or ponding

As the name might indicate, spray foam can be applied via spray, which makes its reach as extensive as any roofing product on the market. Commercial buildings are not always easy to install roofing material on, which makes SPF both innovative and practical. Best yet, it can be installed on nearly every type of roofing system. The contractors at Walker Commercial Roofing have experience applying SPF spray foam on constructions throughout Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX.

Professional Installation

Professional InstallationSpray foam roofs, even more so than others, must be installed with precise execution. This need makes the choice of contractor even more important than it would otherwise be. Novice contractors are bad candidates to perform applications of this kind because mastering its usage takes years of training and experience. For this reason, investing in a company you can trust, like Walker Commercial Roofing is the most important part of the roofing process.

We’d be remiss not to mention the cons of SPF roofing, since there are significant ones. For starters, it’s more expensive than other materials, and although its projected savings make that less problematic, it is still something to consider. Another consideration to be mindful of is failure probability. While some roofs are extremely unlikely to fail, SPF roofs are not quite as full proof. Again, this depends in large part on the quality of the installation. Call 817-484-5411 for professional SPF spray foam installation in Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX.