The Evolution of the Keyword

Related Ideas Matter

keys hanging on a wallKeywords have been a hot topic of SEO for many years. And once upon a time the internet was rampant with keyword stuffed sites. This content purposely repeated the same keyword phrases again and again in a hopes of tricking search engines into believing that page was the most relevant page to the keyword.

But in today’s SEO world, keyword stuffing is frowned upon by Google and a site that is overridden with poor quality content, jammed with keywords will be penalized. So what is Google looking for in the way of keywords then? The answer is found in the evolution of the keyword.

Naturally Good Content

The original idea of why keywords added weight to your site was that if your page was about a certain topic, then the topic keywords should naturally be showing up in your content multiple times. And this is still true, the natural use of keywords is important to the ranking of your page.

connect puzzle piecesHowever, Google has wised up and no longer only searches for the specific topic keywords. Instead, Google has algorithms that are capable of also analyzing related keywords. This idea is referred to as semantic connectivity. For example, if you have a page about furnace maintenance it will make sense for other connected words to show up on your page such as air filters. These connected ideas add weight to your page’s ranking.

Basically Google is looking for pages that have detailed, in-depth content. They have always wanted to provide these pages to their searchers, they are just getting increasingly good at doing so. So if someone mentions furnace maintenance twenty times, but the page has no related information, they will realize this page is a hoax.

If you want to learn more about semantic connectivity, check out what Moz Blog had to say about it in last week’s Whiteboard Friday. They give a detailed explanation of the importance of topic modeling.

Is your content up to par in the evolution of keyword usage? Talk to us today about improving the quality of your website’s content so you can rise to the top of Google’s search results the right way. We have a team of professional writers dedicated to ensuring you have only high quality, relevant content.