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Every Little Detail of Every Little Thing

The Key to Local Organic SEO

Frequently I have potential customers of our digital marketing company ask, “Does this include SEO?”. I typically will hesitate for a moment because it’s hard to answer that question properly in a sentence or two.
The term SEO has been besmirched by people doing so many spammy and/or bad things in an attempt to optimize their website’s keyword ranking.

“Bad” things might include:

1. Inbound linking done just for the purpose of contextually relevant linking (typically from bad sites only for that purpose) Bad link sources would include; bad directories that are there for no other reason other than to get an inbound link, very poor articles distributed out and “spun”, fake forum questions and answers, bad social bookmarking, fake blog comments, inbound links from fake websites that exist only for the linking out and any other link that is worthless and only there to try to game or trick Google into boosting your keyword rankings, etc…
2. Template websites that have been used thousands of times with junky extraneous coding, poorly designed, slow loading time, stock photography, poor site structure, lacking schema code, lacking proper semantic markup etc…
3. Duplicate content or not enough content. You cut and copies or stole content or you wrote 50 words for a page that should have been 300+ words. You didn’t know how to write or code the content so that it not only had the potential to rank for keywords but to rank for enough keywords.
4. Junk content like city pages written only in hopes of showing up for a few keywords you want in all the cities in your metroplex. This is a poor user experience and thus will hurt your ability to rank.
5. Your hosting account is on a shared drive.
6. You don’t setup or tend to social media at all.
7. For local organic SEO, you don’t verify your Google Places account. You don’t finish setting up your Google account. Thus Google doesn’t trust you and your account isn’t complete.
8. There are dozens of other small details that should be done for proper local organic SEO. These details are not done well at all with 95+% of all sites out there.
9. Then a poor website and a poor web presence are established and then you never work on it or you only do just a few things every so often. Therefore, you have a poor website and a poor web presence and Google shall treat it accordingly.
10. This means you cannot / will not partake in the least expensive and best ROI out there and that is organic optimization of your keyword terms, mapping as well as a social media presence.
11. General Apathy and Neglect.

OK, so what is the answer? The answer is to know some basic Google Webmaster Rules and other skillful details and then do as many things properly upon initial setup as you possibly can. THEN, tend to your website and web presence every week forever! I had heard someone making an analogy on this recently that I found fitting. It was basically that your website should be worked on like brushing your teeth. You don’t get your teeth clean then stop, they require constant maintenance. Your website requires constant maintenance for it to maintain its looks, content, relevance, and favor in with the search engines.

Think about it, why would Google or any other search engine reward you for putting up a site and then treating it poorly by not working on it? Why would they reward you for sloppy work or not working at all or working on only one or two things of a hundred things you need to be doing? The answer is they wouldn’t, and they don’t.

Websites that show in the tops of the search engines for dozens of keywords and mapping are those that do more things right than wrong. They have many of the great attributes that Google wants to see. They care and show it by working on a myriad of things properly and skillfully.

It is not happenstance as to which of your competitors show up in the top 5 on Search rankings and map listings. These are companies that work hard on their sites and rightfully get reward by being shown for top placements.

If Google shows your organic keywords high in search or mapping it is because they trust you and it is because you will be a great user experience for Google’s client, the person who typed a keyword into the search engine.

This is basic and logical and it is what you need. If you have this for your local organic SEO then you would the one of the logical and most dominant websites in your market. This would give you the type of web presence that everyone wants but few have. And, these few partake in more clicks, calls and sales for pennies on the marketing dollar when comparing it to other forms of advertising.

Why do they get shown for top placements? Good question. They show up for top placements because they do many of the things properly that they should be doing, and then they work on their sites and web presences regularly so that they are a rightful leader in their field, trusted source and great overall website and web presence.

“GREAT THINGS” for Local Organic SEO would include:

1. No fake inbound linking effort but rather links from natural and reliable sources.
2. A great and completely unique website design complete with; fast loading, responsiveness, semantic markup, schema coding, great pics, proper site architecture, all the right stuff in all the right places, etc…
3. Great content that is enough, not duplicated and an excellent read on your services and/or products. If you have a page then it is not copied and it is a great read. The content must be written and coded properly for SEO purposes without spamming and there should be plenty of that great content. (Hint: content needs to be added every single month so that you expound your authority on the subject and thus your ranking and keywords.)
4. Even more content. Content includes; updated a web page, adding a web page, creating a great unique blog, a Facebook wall post, other social media posts, Q and A, reference materials etc… Content is king these days and you need great content and you need it coming every month forever…
5. Proper setup of your registrar and hosting accounts.
6. Proper setup of Social Media and then tend to it.
7. Fully setup and verified Google Account and then go into your Google Webmaster account regularly and fix and/or update things as needed.
8. Dozens of other small details that actually get done and you will be in the top 3% right out of the gate.
9. Then a GREAT website and a GREAT web presence are established and then you work on it regularly. Therefore, you have one of the best websites and web presences out there that Google and the other search engines are PROUD to show, and they shall treat it accordingly.
10. This means you WILL partake in the least expensive and best ROI out there and that is organic optimization of your keyword terms, mapping as well as a social media presence.

Oh No! This is too much; I can’t handle it myself nor pay for it. It is true for most businesses; you probably cannot do enough yourself to compete for top placements and thus most of the clicks. Furthermore, it is not prudent to attempt most of this yourself as you are unskilled and would either miss far too many of the details or unknowingly spam the search engines in either case this would lead to very poor results. However, there are firms, such as ours, that are inexpensive compared to other crème de la crème SEO firms.

And, you must try. You must move forward and attempt to dominant in your category and you must attempt to find a great Web Team that will help you achieve this goal so that you have a viable and inexpensive lead source. If you don’t, well you know what happens if you don’t.

I, too, was taken advantage of years ago by an organic SEO Company with my own local service business before I started this business and now we help with local domination campaigns for service businesses looking to succeed online. How did I know that you have had poor services? Because that is why I started this business and it is the most common story I hear.

But, do not fear. You are here because you are looking to do better and you are pretty sure it is possible. If everyone did proper and skillful web work then it would be impossible. And, getting bruised up in business is a rite of passage not the exception. If you hadn’t had those experiences then you wouldn’t be able to run your business properly. I do believe that it is those life experiences as a local service business owner that is the reason we are so good at what we do. I am a peer to my clients not an outsider.

The average client of ours gets a 5+ return over that of paying for every single click. That means that if you have a competent team of webmasters working for a decent monthly price then that effort is rewarded by the search engines and web by getting you clicks, calls, and new customers at a cost that is the best marketing return you can get.

I hope that you enjoyed reading about our philosophy and the way we think and live here at Nolen Walker SEO. We all look forward to being of service to you and your web presence.

Nolen Walker