The #1 Escape Room SEO Guide (2022 Edition)

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What is Escape Room SEO?

Escape Room SEO is the process of ranking your web properties on Google for relevant keywords with the intention of acquiring more customers through online channels. SEO can be applied to your main website but also to your social media profiles and business listings, especially Google My Business. SEO differs from PPC (Google Ads) because it costs nothing to rank organically.

Why Escape Rooms Need Digital Marketing

Escape rooms are popping up everywhere you go now, and it’s easy to see why. Escape rooms offer a wide array of opportunities to come together and bond. This means that an escape room can provide the perfect forum if you are looking for a fun night out on the town with your friends or need a unique bonding exercise for your corporate eventThe first place people look for escape rooms is online.

The idea of escape rooms is fresh, and people are flocking to them right now. There are all kinds of themes and interactive experiences to choose from, and proprietors are getting more and more clever about it. But if you run an escape room, there is no amount of creativity or cleverness that will cover for your lack of online presence – namely SEO. For example, SEO can drive traffic to your escape room’s webpage, and once patrons are there, they are that much more likely to make a booking.

Is SEO Common for Escape Room Businesses?

in a survey conducted by SEO Orb, it was found that more than half of all escape room owners operating in the United States received 80% or more of their bookings online. 

To tap into the ease of online booking, you need compelling, organic, and effective SEO. This post discusses various methods to enhance your escape room SEO process.

Our team of marketing educators focuses on industries like escape rooms, so we are better equipped to help you tackle the unique challenges you face as an escape room owner. But to begin with, let’s discuss the basics of escape room SEO.

A Crash Course in Escape Room SEO

Escape room SEO is all about getting your escape room noticed by as many people as possible. And in this industry, you need all the help you can get. As recently as two years ago, more than half of all escape room owners expected to expand their business and add more rooms. This means that the market is becoming saturated. Escape Room SEO allows you to stand out above the jostling crowd by helping you rank higher on Google searches.

When your website appears near the top of the list of a Search Engine Results Page (SERP), people will be more likely to click on your website. Studies constantly show that the amount of clicks that websites get when they are on just the 2nd page of a Google search is close to zero. Escape room SEO will ensure you don’t get lost in the shuffle.

By using analytic data of search trends, composing original and useful content, leveraging media, and engaging with your clientele, you can create an SEO-friendly webpage that more people will see.

SEO will get your webpage noticed and approved by Google, which means a higher ranking. Those are the basics of escape room SEO.

Escape Room Keywords

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SEO Outline for Escape Room Businesses

The problem that many escape room owners have is that they don’t know where to begin with escape room SEO. After all, you probably didn’t get into the escape room game because you have a passion for marketing. But that is where we can help. There are some basic steps that you can take right now to help you improve your ranking. Some of these steps include:

Set up your Google My Business Profile

Google My Business Profiles are what show up when people perform extremely common searches like “escape rooms near me.” So having a GMB profile is the first step you should take. You will want to keep some things in mind when setting up your GMB profile: using good pictures of your business, posting your full phone number often, including reviews from patrons, and including a thoughtful and descriptive blurb about your escape room.

Keyword Research

One of the ways that Google pulls up and ranks websites for SERPs is by keywords. Google is always trying to provide relevant search results for its users; keywords are one way it does this. Google Analytics provides a wealth of helpful resources for researching hot keywords related to your business. Implement these keywords and variations of them in your website content.

You can also use longtail keywords which are popular keywords followed by your city and state name to show up in more local searches. For example, if you operate your escape room in Austin, Texas, you might use the longtail keyword of “escape room in Austin, Texas. 

On-Page SEO Content

There are certain ways to tweak your on-page content to rank better on Google. Pictures are great to have on your website, but if there is no alternative text or captions, Google will not know how to categorize them. Having a descriptive caption is imperative for pictures. Framing your content in a table or list will also help you rank higher. For example, you can have a “what is an escape room” page on your website in which you answer this question in curt but concise detail as a bulleted list.

A bit of a side-note regarding keywords: be exact. Google doesn’t like to guess, so if you choose a hot keyword relating to escape rooms, try to use it exactly as it appears on Google searches. For example, if “fun escape rooms” is trending, try not to saturate your content with the term “escape rooms that are fun.”

Link Building for Escape Rooms

Building links helps your escape room website rank for keywords faster. The quickest way to build links is to submit your business information to local directories. Platforms like Yelp, BBB, and Facebook all provide nofollow links which help build website authority. These directory placements are known in the SEO industry as NAP citations.

While nofollow links are the best place to start, your website should eventually garner dofollow links from endorsements, business partners, guest posts, and local reporters. You can speed up your link-building process by publishing high-quality blog posts, especially those with relevant statistics. As more reputable websites link to your domain, you’ll find that ranking for optical keywords becomes easier.

Become an Escape Room SEO Expert

Nolen Walker Academy provides extensive training for escape room SEO in 2022. If you own or operate an escape room, you can benefit from the Nolen Walker Academy curriculum. Our SEO methods are proven over over a decade of successful optimization work with dozens of industries across the U.S. Nolen Walker Academy graduates won’t need to hire an SEO company to get results because they will have the skills, tools, and insights to get to the top of Google on their own.