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Hey, I’m Nolen Walker

I’ve been finding ways to make money my entire life. I started out with a lawn service business, invested in the daily grind of mowing lawns for anyone who needed it. From there, I started my home security business working 70-hour weeks and flagging down drunken techs to meet their appointments. Eventually, I grew sick of the lifestyle. When I was looking for a web company to market my home security business, I had an epiphany. I was ranking my business #1 on Google for various keywords, doing everything myself. Meanwhile, professionals were looking to charge me $3,000 per month for digital marketing services. Some called me desperate or full of crap, but I decided to start my own digital marketing agency. I knew from dealing with agencies that few of them provided the solutions I needed for my business. I also knew I had the essential skillset to rank websites on Google. Most importantly, I believed I could better relate to small business owners and provide better marketing solutions. When I first started, I thought I would pick up a few clients here and there, but soon I realized the massive need for quality digital marketing services. I was all-in.

But First, I Had to Master My Digital Marketing Skills

When I started my agency in 2009, online marketing was the Wild West. People were trying all kinds of strategies to rank websites, mostly black-hat ones. I ranked my home security website using elementary tactics that required very little expertise. I even ranked multiple bail bonds companies #1 in their local areas. Things were going relatively well, and I was excited to earn residual income from a few clients. There was one problem. I made the mistake of following some SEO gurus with bad intentions. I tried their strategies on my own websites, as well as clients. One day, Google released the Panda Algorithm Update. Thousands of high-ranking websites were wiped off Google Search with a penalty.


Too Legit to Quit

I knew that If I wanted to get serious about growing my digital marketing agency, I would have to develop sustainable, white-hat strategies. The problem was, I didn’t know who to trust, and Google was still deciding what was acceptable and what wasn’t. It took me several years, but eventually, I tested every white-hat strategy known to man. I streamlined these practices into something I could comfortably offer to small businesses across the U.S. Using Google Analytics and Google Search Console (Webmasters Tools at the time), I started measuring the results of my new process with my remaining clients. The results were outstanding. When I was confident that my process worked, I began looking to grow my agency.


Don’t be fooled by they new-age YouTube Gurus

Growing your own digital marketing agency is not easy. I blew hundreds of thousands of dollars trying digital marketing strategies that failed miserably. I also wasted several months improperly managing my agency. Despite successful results for my clients, there came the point where I almost closed the agency for good. Some of my clients were leaving, even after getting outstanding results. My billing process was mismanaged, and numerous clients stopped paying. I was despondent.

The Fork In The Road

I could have given up and gone back to lawn services and home security, living a miserable day-to-day lifestyle. I even rationalized that that was the more realistic version of life. After all, regular people work regular jobs, right? They grind daily until they die a cruel and regretful death. I almost gave in, but something inside me said there had to be more. I decided to take the metaphorical red pill and keep going. This time, I would use the same hustler energy from my lawn mowing days without the manual labor. I implemented my proven SEO and digital marketing strategies but scaled them for a more extensive client base.


Of Course, I Had to Sell First

None of us is naive, you can have the best SEO practices for clients, and it won’t matter if they don’t buy your services. What a lot of people don’t understand is that digital marketing sales are about the approach. I call it narrative blitzing. You can always sell quality services as long as you establish trust and consistent messaging. Think about it; you’re still reading, right? I am not pressuring you to become a Nolen Walker Academy member, but you are considering it anyway. Why? Because you can tell that it’s an honest platform that will help you reach your goals. In addition, I’m consistently outlining what the contents of this course did for me, my agency, and my lifestyle.


Sales Aren’t What You Think

You might not think of yourself as a salesperson, but I’m going to teach you how to sell digital marketing services. Believe it or not, the best salespeople tend to shy away from sales. The loudmouths and snake-oil salesmen are the ones who consumers scoff at and hang up on. Well-intentioned people who master the narrative blitz are the best salespeople on the planet. It’s highly-likey that you are one of them and just don’t know it yet. Nolen Walker Academy teaches you everything you need to know about the DMA sales process, including videos of my live sales calls. Once I realized that how to sell my services, my agency started growing.


A Results-Driven Industry

As I acquired new digital marketing clients, I was thrilled to scale my proven strategies so that my clients could enjoy the benefits. I started ranking my clients on the first page of Google for thousands of keywords. With the confidence of knowing I could help any business, my sales became even more consistent. Finally, I had mastered the digital marketing process and implementation while selling new clients every week. My agency was growing fast.


I Systemized My SEO Process

I built out my monthly SEO plans for clients using systemized strategies, including cutting-edge techniques. I even created my own SEO tool called DataPins (with the help of my programmer) to maximize my clients’ success through automation. Today, I run 3 of the top digital marketing brands in the United States. For example, you’ve probably heard of Roofing Webmasters. I own it. Once I systemized my digital marketing processes, my agency became an unstoppable, massive money-maker.


Riches in The Niches

You hear a lot about audience segmentation in 2022, but I was one of the first to try it. I knew to best reach my potential clients, I had to market directly to their needs. I created separate brands for each of my target consumers.

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I even had Chiropractor Webmasters at one point. The idea was to customize my services by industry. And it worked. We got more traffic and more interest from promotional materials. I was on to something big.


Next, I Went into Software

Ultimately, I realized that I could make even more money on top of my agency earnings by selling software. Remember the SEO tool I was talking about? I turned it into a bonafide software suite with expanded features. As a result, I launched my software company and started raking in cash. Software sales were even more rewarding because they required no hands-on sales. I used my agency to perform the sales process organically. It turns out that almost every contractor in the U.S. can benefit from my software. Once that registered, it became clear that I had unlimited earnings potential. I could buy a second home in Maui and invest money in other ventures. Are you starting to get the picture? I don’t say all this to glorify my ego or to look down on people with less. I say it because I was just like you, and you can be just like me.


Nolen Walker Academy, LLC

Achieving financial freedom online has changed my outlook on life. I used to think about ways to earn more and more revenue, but now I think about how I can help others make revenue, just like me. If I were like many of the hacks who sell online courses, I would give up my agency today and be satisfied with course membership fees. After all, DataPins alone is enough for me to retire to Maui and sit on my land with a cigar and bourbon. But instead of that, I’m keeping my agency and starting Nolen Walker Academy. I want to teach students to create a successful agency or promote their business online using my real-life, day-to-day practices.


Enter Nolen Walker Academy, LLC

Don’t get me wrong. Digital marketing is a competitive industry with lots of people vying for the top positions. I’ve staved off competitors for 11 years, and some of them challenged me for clients. At the same time, I’ve seen hundreds of competitors quit by utilizing microwave SEO tactics and losing their clients suddenly. I can call them morons, but really they were victims of misinformation. It’s not their fault that hundreds of self-proclaimed marketing gurus provide digital marketing tips that they’ve never utilized themselves. These people don’t make their money with the same techniques they are pitching. In most cases, they don’t even have digital marketing clients. Without clients, an SEO strategy is simply a theory. Only educators with dozens of clients (at minimum) are qualified to provide real techniques. I wish I knew this 11 years ago. It would have saved me a ton of headaches. The good news is that you know it today. Tried and true strategies, practices, and processes from a dynamic digital marketing agency sounds pretty appealing, right?


The Singular Digital Marketing Course to Get Results

Nolen Walker Academy, LLC presents my entire digital marketing blueprint to anyone willing to learn it. That’s 11 years’ worth of experience from an active digital marketing agency owner. Students will get everything they need to start their own digital marketing agency or promote their business online. You won’t even have to waste your time watching pointless YouTube videos from people with no clients anymore.


Take a look at some of the things you get with NWAcademy:

Hundreds of training videos on sales, SEO, DMA concepts, and more. Point by point courses outlining every aspect of digital marketing. Video instruction from active and qualified DMA professionals. Chance to earn a Digital Marketing Certification from Nolen Walker. Opportunity to earn residual income by applying your new skills in real-time as an NWA Affiliate Path to becoming a certified reseller of our top SEO Software, DataPins. Access to our exclusive Nolen Walker Academy Facebook Group


What NWA Students Will Learn About?

  • Digital Marketing Sales Techniques
    • Live Sales Calls With Nolen
    • Step-by-Step Sales Routines
    • Proven Sales Techniques
    • In-Depth Sales Courses
  • SEO Strategies
    • Never Revealed SEO Strategies from Nolen Walker
    • Proven, Systematized SEO Tasks For Implementation
    • Real SEO Client Examples
    • In-Depth Explanations of Optimization Concepts
  • Local SEO Systems
    • Cutting-edge Local SEO Techniques Using DataPins
    • Best Local Practices for Contractors and Other Niches
    • Our Real-Time Local SEO Processes for Implementation
    • Google My Business Profile Auditing Techniques
  • Running a Digital Marketing Agency
    • Agency Models and Structure
    • Client Acquisition Techniques
    • Agency Branding Tips
    • Agency Pricing Recommendations
  • On-Page SEO Concepts
    • Cutting-Edge Title Tag Methods
    • Keyword Placement Tips
    • Our Agency Process for On-Page SEO
    • Small Details to Improve SEO
  • Off-Site SEO Concepts
    • Citation Building Methods
    • Business Profile Optimization Tips
    • Reputation Management Tactics
    • Building a Brand Online
  • Technical SEO Concepts
    • Site Speed Optimization Tips
    • Site Security Measures
    • Coding Processes
    • Schema Markup Tips
  • Web Design Concepts
    • Web Design Techniques
    • Call To Action Placement Tips
    • Real-Client Website Examples
    • Website Branding Tactics
  • Keyword Research Concepts
    • Keyword Research Processes
    • User Intent Instruction
    • Keyword Prioritization Techniques
    • Keyword Mapping Strategies
  • Content Marketing Concepts
    • Innovative Content Marketing Strategies
    • Enhanced Content Development Methods
    • Agency-Backed Content Distribution Techniques
    • Content Production Guidelines
  • Pillar Content Concepts
    • Pillar Content Techniques
    • Sub-Topic Implementation
    • Building Topical Authority
    • Expanding Content Methods
  • Link Building Concepts
    • Best Link Building Strategies
    • White-Hat Link Building Tips
    • Modern Link Outreach Methods
    • Pros and Cons to Local Link Building
  • SEO Measurement Concepts
    • Google Analytics Tutorials
    • Google Search Console Tips
    • Metrics to Look For
    • Client Measurement Tactics
  • PPC Advertising Concepts
    • Google Ads Techniques
    • Ad Budgeting Tips
    • Landing Page Optimization Methods
    • PPC Campaign Strategy
  • WordPress Concepts
    • WordPress Setup Tutorials
    • WordPress Plugin Recommendations
    • WordPress Security Tips
    • Branding Client Websites on WordPress
  • Duda Concepts
    • Duda Web Design Tutorials
    • Duda Content Publishing Tips
    • Duda Branding Techniques
    • Duda Advanced Strategies
  • Advanced SEO Tools
    • SEO Tool Recommendations
    • SEO Tool Tutorials
    • Using SEO Tools for Clients
    • Access to DataPins SEO Tool
  • Choosing a Domain Name
    • Domain Name Registration
    • Domain Name Best Practices
    • Branded Domain Names
    • Exact Match Domain Names
  • Site Structure
    • Proven Site Structures for SEO Results
    • Agency-Scaled Site Structure Tutorials
    • Site Structure Customization Techniques
    • Benefits to Site Hierarchy
  • User Experience
    • UX Improvement Tips
    • Avoiding UX Pitfalls
    • Enhancing User Experience
    • Building Clean Navigation
  • Image Optimization
    • Alt Text SEO Techniques
    • Web-Based Image Tips
    • Image Branding Options
    • Where to Find Royalty-Free Images
  • Video Optimization
    • YouTube Embed Techniques
    • Video SEO Strategies
    • Video Outline Tactics
    • Using Video to Convert Customers
  • Schema Markup
    • Schema SEO Benefits
    • Schema Types
    • Schema Implementation
    • Schema Markup Troubleshooting
  • Reputation Management
    • Review Generation Techniques
    • Best Reputation Management Software
    • Responding to Reviews
    • Best Review Platforms
  • Funnel Building
    • Agency Proven Funnel Strategies
    • Warming Up Prospects
    • Converting Prospects
    • Scaling Your Marketing Funnel
  • And Much More!

An Active Agency With Hundreds of Active Clients

Everyone with an internet connection can claim to be a digital marketing expert. In my early days, I even made the mistake of following so-called SEO experts. They almost tanked my entire agency after Google’s algorithm updates. Luckily, I had the fortitude to develop white-SEO strategies and reestablish my agency. I want to save you from having to go through that process. Do you know how many of my competitors have come and gone from listening to the wrong people? Why trust individuals whose only goal is to make money from a course itself? I make money from my agency, software company, and other investments. This course is more for you than for me.


Trust Real Digital Marketing Agencies

I might have grown my agency much sooner if I hadn’t wasted time following fake SEO experts. Once I focused on proven strategies, my results skyrocketed. I’ve been in this business for 11 years and tried just about every new strategy you can think of. NWAcademy members will save thousands of hours of their time with training from a genuine agency that cuts out the nonsense. When you take a course in Nolen Walker Academy, trust that it outlines the exact tactics we use on OUR OWN DIGITAL MARKETING CLIENTS.


Take, For Example, Chattanooga Water Heater Pros

Their monthly traffic hit the moon using our cutting-edge Local SEO strategies. We helped them go from a non-existent web presence to dominating their service area. Pretty impressive, huh? Well, imagine doing that for hundreds of clients. That’s what we do at our agency today. And you can do the same.


The Neverending Algorithm

The one constant with SEO is change, or rather, evolution. For this reason, we provide updated course material to our members so they can stay on top of the latest trends. Once again, we only deliver course material that our own agency uses. If something works for our agency, you will learn about it at NWA. Think about things that have just recently changed:


How Do You Know Our Strategies Work?

The main question for people thinking about purchasing an online course or enrolling in an educational program is how do you know it works? That’s why we are big on only teaching tactics we use at our own agency. But we don’t stop there. In addition to teaching you proven agency techniques, we provide you the opportunity to test your skills in real-time while making money.


Earn While You Learn

That’s right, we will teach you digital marketing methods and give you something to market. Become a Nolen Walker Academy Affiliate and earn a 40% commission for each new sale. You will see for yourself that our digital marketing strategies work because you will be using them to make sales online. Best of all, you can make back most of your monthly membership fee with just two affiliate sales. You can turn a profit with just three affiliate sales. Sounds pretty good, right?


What is Nolen Walker Academy?

Nolen Walker Academy is:

  • It is an education platform for people who want to start their own digital marketing agency or promote their business online and make money.

  • Instructed by active digital marketing professionals, including Nolen Walker, one of the top SEO salespeople in the nation.

  • A path for people looking to change careers and dip out of the brutal 9-5 culture.

  • An affiliate program that educates affiliates while providing them with 40% commissions for sales.

  • A certification program for prospective or current DMA professionals.


Who Benefits from Nolen Walker Academy?

  • Career Changers: People looking to change their career or start a new one with digital marketing.

  • Entrepreneurs: People looking to start a new business and promote it online through digital marketing.

  • Small Business Owners: People looking to do their online marketing themselves or with the help of friends and family members.

  • Digital Business Owners: People looking to make money online selling digital products or services.

  • SEO Professionals: People looking to advance their digital marketing careers by earning a certification.

  • Agency Owners: SEO agency owners looking to gain more clients or grow their agency’s revenue.