What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is the process of promoting digital content online. When executed properly, it should attract relevant consumers to your website and/or citation listings,  and ultimately lead to sales conversions. The term”content” within content marketing can refer to all variations, including text, images, video, and even audio.

Is Content King?

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Content By Itself Won’t Rank Well, It Must Be Marketed Appropriately

Breaking news for small business owners, content is not king. We’ve heard the cliche phrase “content is king” bandied about by conformist SEO’s who fail to deliver results consistently. Despite this misnomer, marketing content appropriately remains part of a successful internet marketing strategy, but it is only one piece of the puzzle. Text content in of itself is highly overrated, how that content is marketed is much more valuable. Nolen Walker not only crafts high quality content produced by in-house writers, but we leverage it to garner actual leads. Our content marketing services consist of the following:

  • Blog Writing Services: Monthly blog posts to keep fresh content circulating on your domain
  • Content Writing Services: In house writing, custom crafted for your website, company, and niche
  • Inbound Marketing Services: Attracting traffic to your site organically, by letting consumers find your HQ content “naturally”

Just because content is not king, does not eliminate its value entirely. Marketing content is a great way to increase web traffic, reach target consumers, and improve search engine visibility. Blog posts can still be very effective when well-written, but only if certain prerequisites are established prior to publishing one. For example, a domain must be viewed as legitimate by Google, meaning it has been around for 6 months or longer (the longer the better), and has a low or non-existent spam score. Last but not least, posts should be published on a website’s primary domain, which makes it an internal blog. This way, posts are more likely to rank well.
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Types of Digital Content

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Content is Not Just Text, it is Video, Audio, and Images

In the internet’s earlier stages, text content was the only realistic form to publish on a website. Because of this, content became synonymous with the written word. As technology has advanced exponentially, marketers have been slow to change their perception of what content is. The written word remains important, and is still the best way for Google crawlers to find keywords. However, more evolved forms of content are now at the forefront when it comes to value. Take a look at some of the digital content types that are published on websites today:

  • Audio: The podcast has become a preferred medium for many, and brands can publish these audio shows directly on their website
  • Image: Optimizing images is as important as body text, and users enjoy their visual appeal
  • Text: Paragraph text is till a piece of the puzzle, not to mention text added to video and image tags
  • Video: As attention spans have grown shorter, video has become the premier content type

Looking forward into the future, we can expect visual content to expand in value even more. Because so many 18-49 year olds already watch YouTube daily, imagine how prominent it will become once the younger generation enters that demographic. Small businesses should be prepared to adapt on-the-fly. Producing HQ video content is probably the best investment one can make in regards to content in 2019 and beyond. The future is going to be more visual, and content will follow suit appropriately. Nolen Walker can get you started off right today.

Choosing Nolen Walker for Content Marketing

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Nolen Walker Goes Above & Beyond When Marketing All Variations of Digital Content

Why choose Nolen Walker? It’s fairly simple. We haven’t sold you some BS about how “content is king” but instead have outlined how content fits into modern marketing strategies, in detail. We’ve documented our anticipation of content’s evolution, and offered help in transitioning your business and / or website to its upcoming iteration. We work closely with our clients to ensure the best media strategy for their business. Remember, content is part of your website, but also part of your local citations like Google My Business, and Yelp, as well as your social media pages like on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn. Our willingness to be upfront and honest is one reason why you should choose us today.

Don’t’ cut your next check to a run of the mill marketing company when you can be more innovative for less money with Nolen Walker. Our services include content marketing, but you don’t pay extra for it. In other words, SEO, PPC, website design, social media marketing and content marketing are an all-inclusive package the requires a single fee. For companies new to their market, or to the internet in general, we offer Pay Per Lead payment plans. With these agreements, clients pay nothing for all of the services mentioned above, and never make their first payment until an exclusive lead is generated on their behalf. Call 866-356-8198 for content marketing services from Nolen Walker.