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Industrial Structures are Flat or Low Sloped

Do you run an industrial building in Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX? If so, you could be in the market for industrial roofing services. Properties used for manufacturing or other types of heavy industrial work, often require something more than a traditional commercial roofing system. Because these buildings often emit steam, smoke, and grease through ventilation, they require special considerations. Roofs used for industrial buildings include:

  • Built Up
  • Metal
  • Modified Bitumen
  • Single Ply
  • SPF Spray Foam

Industrial roofs are almost always flat or low sloped, which aligns with the structure types listed above. Because industrial properties cannot afford downtime, early roof failure, or constant maintenance, is not affordable. Disruption of business operations drains revenue, and when combined with the cost of repairs or replacement, can turn a business bankrupt in no time. Choosing a sturdy and resilient structure, and having it properly installed by a reputable professional is the best course of action. Call 817-484-5411 for industrial roofing in Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX.

Aspects of Industrial Roofing

Plant Interior Aspects of Industrial Roofing

Industrial Plants Yield Unique Challenges

Tailor fitting a structure for your industrial building can have several benefits, not the least of which is protection against byproducts like steam, smoke, and oli. While these elements would normally wear on a roofing structure, those specifically designed to withstand them will be undeterred. Updrafts are known to contaminate traditional roofing materials, which can lead to early roof failure. Furthermore, vents and pipes are more necessary with industrial roofing, which can prompt leaks. Aspects of industrial roofs include:

  • Byproducts: An abundance of smoke, oil, grease, and steam must be accounted for
  • Temperature: Manufacturing operations can cause temperature fluctuations
  • Updrafts: The upward trajectory of smoke and byproducts can contaminate material
  • Ventilation: Because of the byproducts and updrafts, increased ventilation is necessary

Industrial buildings can suffer from a phenomenon known as flashing due to regular temperature changes. Flashing is the expansion or contraction of roofing materials caused by the aforementioned temperature shifts. Improperly installed roofing can be destroyed by flashing, and failure to account for it could ruin your entire business. The team of contractors at Walker Commercial Roofing has experience installing, repairing, and restoring roofs for various industries. From hospitals to hotels, we’ve seen all kinds of industrial properties, and are equipped to handle each one of them professionally.

Where To Start

Walker Commercial Roofing On Job SiteThe extensive options available in today’s marketplace can make the choice of roofing a daunting proposition, regardless of industry. Our staff facilitates the process by illustrating the pros and cons of each structure, and evaluating your specific circumstance to find the most affordable option. Our company prides itself on performance first and foremost, but are equally dedicated to customer service. Furthermore, our ethos is based in transparency and information, and we believe educated consumers make the best decisions.

Different industries require different roofing solutions. We’ve worked with apartments, agricultural buildings, offices, and many other industries to find the ideal fit for their specific situation. Roofing is not a one size fits all discipline, but instead requires careful examination of the property owners’ individual needs, and the implications of each option. In addition to installations, we offer restoration, repair, and replacement. Call 817-484-5411 for industrial roofing in Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX.