Flat Roof Repair & Installation

Flat Roof Repair

Variations of This Roof Include EPDM, PVC, & TPO

Flat roofs are quite common on commercial properties, making appropriate maintenance critical to sustained performance. Flat roofing is prone to notable threats such as pooling water and mildew growth. Regular inspections can address minor problems before they become chronic, and prevent expensive damages down the line. If your business has neglected to schedule regular maintenance, your property could be vulnerable to major roofing problems. Flat roofs come in several variations, including:

  • EPDM: A black, synthetic rubber membrane
  • PVC: A pliable and durable membrane, but one incompatible with asphalt
  • TPO: The most affordable membrane type, which comes exclusively in white

Commercial properties in Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX are no stranger to flat roof problems. The climate can be especially hot during summer but also reach freezing temperatures during winter, causing potential leaks in both seasons. Once a problem is identified, a swift repair process is paramount. Flat roof ailments tend to get worse quickly, making an immediate reaction requisite. Call 817-484-5411 for flat roof repair in Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX!

Does Your Flat Roof Need Repairs?

A Flat Roof in Need of Repair

Ponding Water Indicates Problems

Scheduled maintenance can empower roofers to identify problems before they turn severe, but it’s also ideal for property owners to be mindful of damage indicators. Different variations of flat roofs will be more prone to certain types of damages. With a diverse range of flat roofing types, including TPO, EPDM, and PVC, understanding your structure’s makeup can help you stay alert for the most common impairments. In general, signs your flat roof needs repair include:

  • Cracks / Bubbles: A loss of elasticity manifests through cracks and / or bubbles
  • Flashing: Expansion or contraction of your structure
  • Mold Growth: The development of mold or mildew from moisture buildup
  • Ponding Water: A literal puddle of water on your rooftop

Debris carries moisture along with it, so any sign of debris build up on top of your roof will spell impending doom if not promptly addressed. The value of repairs cannot be overstated, especially when you consider the financial implications of neglecting them. A reasonably priced roof repair is far more manageable from a budgetary standpoint than a full roof replacement. That’s not to mention all of the increased energy bills you’ll be paying with a low performance roof. The team at Walker Commercial Roofing looks forward to evaluating your structure for problems.

Professional And Affordable Repairs

Contractor Performs Repair at Affordable PriceWe’ve stressed the importance of repairs as a security measure against more costly detriments. Even so, repairs can sometimes be overpriced, depending on the contractor. Conversely, extremely low priced services often indicate a contractor who is uninsured, which creates a whole different mess that you won’t want to deal with. For an affordable but professional commercial roofing company, you can’t go wrong with Walker Commercial Roofing. We perform flat roof repairs throughout Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX.

Performance and customer service are set to the highest standards at Walker Commercial Roofing. It is our belief that informed customers make the best decisions and ones they are satisfied with long term. Because of that, we educate our clients as much as possible about their different roofing options. Our company specializes in affordable roof coatings, but also offers replacement, repair, and installation. Call Walker Commercial Roofing at 817-484-5411 for flat roofing services in Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX.