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As the premier commercial roofing company in Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX, Walker Commercial Roofing prides itself in premium performance and exceptional customer service. We are an independent distributor of Conklin Roofing Systems, illustrating our credibility and environmental consciousness. Our contractors are among the best in the industry and perform jobs on all kinds of commercial buildings including business, healthcare, government, and more. Though we specialize in roof coatings (restoration), we also excel in; repair, replacement, and washing / cleaning. Our materials are up to Conklin’s standard to ensure maximum performance for roofing jobs. Regardless of the size, scope, or particulars of your roofing needs, the team at Walker Commercial Roofing has the skill set necessary complete the job. We focus on 3 main areas:

  • Coatings
  • Repair / Installation
  • Restoration

Although dishonest contractors will urge unsuspecting clients to replace their roof immediately, there are actually several options that should be considered before making such a stark financial commitment. Restoration, for example, is an affordable, and oftentimes effective, alternative to roof replacement. Philosophically, Walker Commercial Roofing believes an informed customer makes the best decisions, and ones they will be happiest with in both the short and long terms. With knowledgeable roofers on staff, we are able to walk through the options of each client, providing valuable information but empowering the consumer to make the final call. The roofing industry can be unethical in many circumstances, but Walker Commercial Roofing has every practice in place to ensure the utmost excellence from a customer relationship standpoint, along with, of course, top end performance. Call 817-484-5411 for commercial roofing services in Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX!

Flat & Metal Roof Coatings

Contractor Applies Metal Roof Coating

Our Company Specializes in Commercial Roof Coatings

Father time is undefeated as they say, and properties cannot evade age. With that said, bank breaking roof replacement doesn’t have to be the only remedy. Roof coatings from Walker Commercial Roofing are intriguing to consumers on multiple levels. First, coatings add several years to your roofs’ lifespan, and can be reapplied an additional time at a lower cost. Second, they prevent excess spending by eliminating a “tear-off” and the installation of its replacement. Not to mention that properly applied coatings pass all fire safety tests and reflect damaging UV rays away from your property investment. We apply coatings to:

  • Flat Roofs
  • Metal Roofs

As a Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX business, you’ll likely find the coatings’ UV ray resistance especially useful, as the summer heat can be damaging to roofs of any kind. Metal roofs can become dangerously hot during the summer and begin to age more quickly without a level of protection against the harmful sun. The material on your building often depends on the slope of its roof. Flat roofs are quite common in the commercial industry, as buildings used for business, manufacturing, healthcare, etc. are often prime candidates for a non-slope roof. Walker Commercial Roofing can help you get started today by walking you through each of your options and the financial specification of each.

Commercial Roof Replacement

Workers Perform Commercial Roof Replacement

For Severely Damaged Property, Replacement is an Option

While coatings are efficient and ideal, they are not always realistic. For roofs in a particular condition (dire), replacement can become the only viable option. The advantage to a full replacement is the avoidance of future costs for minor damages that crop up in every failing roof. The combination of several minor repairs, on regular occasion, can add up to what a replacement would end up costing. This way, you rid yourself of the headache of nagging roof problems, and only concern yourself with scheduled maintenance for the foreseeable future. Signs your roof needs replacement include:

  • Chronic Leaks
  • Damaged Insulation
  • Moisture Infiltration
  • Scraped Decking

Make no mistake, replacements can be rather expensive, and certainly cost more than coatings, for instance, but sometimes the expense is worth the investment for building owners. For roofs that have suffered severe damage from UV rays, inclement weather, or general aging, the team at Walker Commercial Roofing can get started on replacement ASAP. Our contractors are highly skilled in the area of replacement and will have your roof looking exceptionally better than it did before. We will work with your budget to develop a replacement plan that is as efficient as possible for you and your business.


  • Commercial Roofer ServiceCommercial Roofing Repair or install roofing on your commercial buildings with services from Walker Commercial Roofing. We provide repair and installation of single ply, flat, foam, and many more kinds of structures.
  • Commercial Roof Coating ServiceRoof Coatings One of the most popular trends in the commercial roofing industry is coatings, and for good reason. Coatings are affordable, simple to apply, and can extend the lifespan of your current roof, considerably.
  • Roof Restoration ServiceRoof Restoration Sometimes replacement is the only option, but if it isn’t, restoration is a much more affordable one. Choose from acrylic, elastomeric, polyurea, and silicone material, each providing unique benefits.

Conklin Independent Distributor

Conklin Id Logo

We are an official independent distributor of Conklin Roofing Systems, guaranteeing premium materials are used in your installation, restoration, or repair. Conklin is nationally recognized as a leader in the roofing industry, and has been for over 35 years. Because a roof is a longer-term investment, the quality of the materials used to construct it are especially important. With more than 40 years of tested performance, Conklin materials rate at the top of the industry for performance, longevity, and environmental standards. In the late 70’s, Conklin began installing acrylic coatings on commercial buildings which proved to be a landscape shifting achievement. Today, those same acrylic coatings are celebrated for their increased energy efficiency and weather resistance.

Commercial Roof Repair

Contractors Work on Commercial Roof Repair

Correct Small Problems Now With Commercial Roof Repair

Low end problems on roofs towards the beginning or middle of their lifespan can be addressed through commercial roof repair. The contractors at Walker Commercial Roofing will repair nagging issues with your building’s protective cover. If you notice water pooling, sagging, or other disconcerting visual ailments on your roof, it’s best to contact a professional as soon as you can. Repairing these problems now can save you money later. Occurrences like mold growth might seem relatively minor at first glance, but closer inspection may very well reveal a much larger mildew problem, which if not addressed, can destroy your building entirely. Symptoms include:

  • Increased Energy Usage
  • Pooling Water
  • Sagging Edges

Various methods can be used to repair a commercial roof, one of which is a professional coating. These coatings are environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and simple to apply. Due to their simplicity, the convenience of their installation is notable, and will not disrupt business operations for your building. When you consider its proven affordability, and combine that with the prevented revenue loss of disrupting business operations, the financial incentive to coatings is too good to pass up for many commercial property owners, and we cannot blame them.

Commercial Roof Restoration

Contractor Works on Commercial Roof Restoration

Roof Restoration is an Affordable Roofing Alternative

For especially light damages, roof restoration becomes an ideal option for commercial properties. Typical wear and tear from natural aging and expected weather conditions can translate perfectly to a roof restoration. As an alternative to replacements, restorations extend the lifespan of your roof, but for a fraction of the price. Bear in mind that this option is only applicable to roofs that are salvageable and have yet to sustain fatal damage. Roofs that are candidates for restoration can be extended 10 years with proper application, at the conclusion of which yet another coating can be added on top of the first one. Benefits of this option include:

  • Affordability
  • Longevity
  • Sustainability

Affordability is the main attraction to restoration, as its financial burden is far easier to withstand for businesses on a budget. Once you consider the cost of a tear off and haul away, the financial implications begin to manifest themselves more clearly. Each of these is avoided with roof restoration services from Walker Commercial Roofing. That said, its financial attraction is not its only one. The extended lifespan from a roof restoration is a lot less of a headache than replacing it all together. The fact that it’s also environmentally sustainable provides even more incentive make proper use of it.

Silicon / Acrylic / Polyurea / Elastomeric

Fresh Silicon Roofing

We Break Down Silicon Roof Coating Pros and Cons

Coatings are broken down into different applicable materials. The 4 most primary coating types are; silicon, acrylic, polyurea, and elastomeric. Each of these coatings offer their own benefits, and which one you choose will depend on the characteristics of your property. The location of Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX is known for its hot summers and occasional inclement weather, which will play a factor in your final decision. The staff at Walker Commercial Roofing is eager to talk you through each option so that you arrive at an informed decision you can be proud of now and in the future. To preview, check out the 5 primary coating types below

  • Acrylic Roofing: Renowned for its eco-friendliness, along with its energy efficiency and ease of installation.
  • Polyurea Roofing: Known to seal properties from moisture, including rain
  • Silicon Roofing: Applied in a single coat (Very easily) and are arguably the most durable variation of commercial roof coating
  • Elastomeric Roofing: known for its leak protection, as well as its ability to adapt to sudden temperature shifts, much like we experienced in Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX during the latter part of winter, into fall.

Silicon’s advantages are not as well documented simply because there is no one specific theme of their coating. With that said, they might be the most durable of all. The expert contractors at Walker Commercial Roofing will help you gauge which material is best for your building, and arm you with accurate information to make the best possible decision. The amount of options presented can prove overwhelming to building owners, especially if this is their first major roofing project. The good news is that your options don’t have to be a deterrence. With our knowledgeable staff on hand, you’ll never feel uneducated about the options.


Freshly Recoated Roof With TPO

TPO Roof Repair Can Save Properties From Severe Damage

Commercial business owners in the singly ply roofing market will be enamored by the range of options found at Walker Commercial Roofing. We offer TPO, EPDM, and PVC roofing to businesses throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX area. A solitary layer provides simple installation, and each of the options mentioned provide superior leak protection and UV ray resistance. When you break down each option into specifics, you begin to notice the additional characteristics of TPO, EPDM, and PVC roofing.

  • TPO: Emulates rubber, with many similar benefits, but also excellent seam protection
  • EPDM: The industry term for rubber roofing, these membranes are affordable and wind / hail resistant
  • PVC: Exceptionally durable, and resistant to hail, fire, chemicals, moisture, and more

TPO membranes are structured to emulate rubber roofing and offer many of the same benefits, as well as excellent seam protection. EPDM membranes are a different way of saying “rubber roofs” since that’s what they are. The advantage of rubber is its cost (Not expensive) and its resistance to strong winds and hail, which are no strangers to the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX area. PVC is often considered the most durable of all single ply membrane options, as it offers resistance to not only wind and hail, but to fire, chemicals, moisture, and pretty much any roofing threat imaginable. There’s no need to make your choice right away, the experts at Walker Commercial Roofing are here to walk you through the process and help you arrive at the best possible decision.

Commercial Roofing Contractor

Commercial Roofing Contractor Tapes Material

We Employ The Best Commercial Roofing Contractors in DFW

A decision of this magnitude requires established principles of trust, credibility and communication. The contractors at Walker Commercial Roofing provide all 3, but also excel at each of them. We’ve been working with contractors for years, and know exactly what it takes to get the job done right — the first time. We aren’t known to boast about our credibility, because we believe that is earned through other channels. Suffice to say that we are certified independent distributors of Conklin Roofing Systems which demands a certain quality of materials. Overall, ee exhibit the following qualities:

  • Communication
  • Credibility
  • Trust

Communication is perhaps our most appealing characteristic, as we have an exceptionally friendly staff who also happens to be extremely knowledgeable on commercial roofing and what it entails for clients. We are proud to serve Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX and surrounding areas and look forward to working with you in the very near future. As an investment that will dictate a significant portion of your budget, making the right decision is not optional. We stress the importance of information and education, so that the right choice is made with no regrets. We work on projects of all sizes and scopes, so don’t be afraid to give us a call at your earliest convenience by dialing 817-484-5411 today!