Rubber Roof Coating Services

Rubber Roof Coating

EPDM Roof Coatings are Common

While EPDM roofs have a long projected lifespan, wear and tear is inevitable for any structure. Commercial building owners can make their EPDM roof as good as new with rubber roof coatings from Walker Commercial Roofing. Furthermore, rubber coatings work on materials outside of EPDM, and are simple to apply. Depending on the age of your roof, a coating might present a much more viable option than replacement, which costs an excessive amount in labor and tear off disposal. Any of the following problems can be corrected with rubber coatings:

  • Cracking / Tearing
  • Excessive Energy Usage
  • Mildew Growth
  • Water Pooling

As long as the issue is not structural, a rubber coating can likely correct it. Coatings are expected to extend a roof’s lifespan by 10 years, at which point yet another coating can be added on top of the first one. The contractors at Walker Commercial Roofing have experience applying rubber coatings, which is imperative when you consider that the success of most restorations can be sourced back to their installation process. Call 817-484-5411 for rubber roof coatings in Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX.

Benefits of Rubber Roof Coatings

Rubber Coating Material

Coatings Improve Performance

Like with other kinds of restoration, rubber coatings are considered affordable and beneficial to your structure. Several factors determine the type of coating you’ll utilize on your structure, but rubber is known to be applicable to most commercial roofing types. Vulcanized rubber roofs, for example, are resistant to most adhesives, but are compatible with rubber coatings. Advantages to a rubber roof coating include:

  • Extended Lifespan: Added years to your structure’s life
  • Increased Performance: More efficient energy usage, better protection, etc.
  • Notable Savings: Less costly than roof replacement

Like we’ve noted, coatings are expected to extend the structure’s lifespan by a decade, at which point an additional coating can be applied. For roofs that have not yet show signs of structural damage, this investment is fiscally ideal. Since your roof is still functional, an extra boost, like the one provided by rubber coatings, is all that’s necessary. Adding years to its lifespan defers the cost of replacement, and prevents unnecessary labor, not to mention environmental waste.

The Ease of Coating Application

Coating ApplicationPart of what makes coatings so affordable and so popular, is the ease in which they are installed. The decrease in labor costs is a selling point certainly, but the lack of disturbances during installation might be even more attractive. For businesses that run full time operations, roof replacement can suspend daily operations and prove even more costly than the service itself. With a rubber coating, the process is so simple that tenants will barely notice it.

The contractors at Walker Commercial Roofing value transparency and customer service. These qualities are only as valuable as our performance. We allow services to speak for themselves, but facilitate an ideal working relationship through customer service initiatives. As a roofing company that specializes in affordable solutions, we don’t push you towards the most expensive options, but rather the ones that will benefit your business the most. Call 817-484-5411 for rubber roof coatings in Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX.