5 (Important) Factors to Consider for Chicago SEO Training

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Chicago SEO training is something Nolen Walker Academy can help with.

I’m Nolen Walker, one of the top SEO agency owners in the United States.

There are fewer cities in the United States that are more bustling and business-centric than Chicago is. 

Whether you own a large or small business or are simply interested in Chicago SEO training, we can help.

As a business owner, understanding the subtle nuances of SEO can give you the edge over your competitors. Training for an active digital marketing agency is the best way to acquire usable skills.

Whatever your situation is, it pays to be choosey when considering Chicago SEO training. 

Here at Nolen Walker, we live and breathe SEO. We know what goes into solid SEO training. If you’d like to join our SEO academy, please feel free to enroll today.

Meanwhile, here are 5 factors to consider for SEO training in Chicago:

1) Local Success

If you are considering Chicago SEO training, it definitely helps to ask about local success. Any training program should have a proven track record of helping businesses and individual clients in the Chicago area. 

One of the most challenging things about SEO is that there are many factors. Local SEO is just one of the factors. Therefore, any training program you undergo should have a strong emphasis on local SEO. 

They should also point to companies in the Chicago area that they have helped in the past. Such success stories should include increased conversions, increased site traffic, and improved rankings over time. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Unfortunately, there are a lot of sham SEO gurus out there trying to make a quick buck. The best way for you to tell if Chicago SEO training is on the up-and-up is by looking at the track record of the program or trainer. 

2) Recent Success

Another major challenge that SEO represents is its ever-changing nature. Search engines constantly update their algorithms, so what may have helped someone rank high last year may not necessarily work in 2022. 

So if you are interested in Chicago SEO training, be sure that the program you are considering can point to recent successes. 

A good SEO training program is up to date on the latest SEO practices. For example, SEO is not static — it is constantly changing. And while the fundamentals are critical, the subtle nuances often make a difference.

Be sure to ask to see proof of recent success, and don’t be afraid to ask how the program intends to teach SEO in light of its constant changes. 

3) Beware of Lofty Guarantees

One tell-tale sign that an SEO training program is not legit is if they make unrealistic promises. The simple fact is that there are no guarantees in SEO, and Google’s algorithm is purposely hidden from the public. 

Even if you do everything right, your website may not rank well. Multiple unknown ranking factors constitute luck more than anything. As a result, the best-ranking websites are getting lucky to some degree.

When an SEO training program promises to teach you how to rank high in just a week or a month, you can feel confident they are scammers. In addition, if they fail to mention factors outside your control, don’t sign up.

In reality, improving your search engine rankings could take a year or more. While specific tweaks can indeed produce a quick boost in rankings, such gains are typically moderate. 

You need to give it at least a few months to get your business or your client’s business to achieve position zero. Again, in most cases, it can take up to a year or more, but there are many factors at play:

  • Level of competition in the particular industry
  • The individual goals of the business or client
  • The current state of the business/client’s SEO
  • Resources and budget

4) Your Personal Goals

When choosing a Chicago SEO training program, it’s crucial to consider your personal goals. For example, are you a business owner who wants to gain an edge over the competition? 

Are you hoping to open up your own SEO agency and make it your career? But, on the other hand, do you simply want to know some SEO basics out of a casual interest?

It helps to know the answer to these questions and be aware that there are all kinds of SEO training programs that cater to the needs of people with different aspirations. Naturally, the loftier your goals, the more training you will need. 

On the other hand, you can pick up SEO basics in just a couple of months. Your level of training will ultimately depend on your goals, so consider them carefully before making a choice.

5) Cost

The price for SEO training can range depending on the trainer’s success, expertise, and experience and the curriculum, resources, and materials they provide. Also, some courses are more like schools or communities, with monthly memberships.

In general, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $8,500 for SEO Chicago SEO training. Another important factor affecting cost is the length of the program. For instance, can you graduate in 90 days?

Typically the more you invest in SEO training, the more ROI you will attain down the road. However, this is not always true. Many people who buy courses fail to even start their first lesson, let alone finish it.