Boost Your CTR with Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions are a Simple Way of Optimizing Ads and Seeing Better Results

When it comes to paid advertising, it’s not just a race to see who can get to the top of the page results. Your click-through-rate performance is dependent on the quality of your ads. One way to boost your CTR is to utilize the Ad Extensions in Adwords.

There are several extensions for you to choose from but they all serve the same purpose: to provide additional information about your company to people looking at your advertisement. It’s a great way to set your ad apart from your competitors.

Sitelink Extension: This extension can increase the visibility of your ad by adding several relevant links to pages in your site. This is a great opportunity to showcase some of your top service categories to potential clients.

Review Extension: People researching companies online will take the time to find out as much as they can about the company and their history. Having reviews of your work is an excellent way to build trust with potential clients. If you have some positive reviews of your business, use them in your advertising efforts to increase your CTR.

Call Extensions: In order to make a sale, you need potential customers to give you a call. That is why call extensions are such a great addition to your ads. This extension gives users the ability to call a company directly from your ad instead of having to visit your website first.

Location Extensions: Do you have an office that your customers can visit? Location extensions give you the ability to add location information so potential customers can see where you are located in relation to where they are.

Ad extensions are a great way to provide more information to users before they even reach your website. If you would like to start an advertising strategy to boost your sales, contact Add Positions at to get started on a customized plan for your business.