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Person Using Laptop for Bing Ads ManagementGoogle AdWords is regarded as the most powerful PPC advertising platform, but Bing Ads presents itself as a legitimate alternative to marketers looking for a more affordable PPC campaign. Bing Ads offer the following advantages for internet marketing:

  • Affordability: Bing’s average Cost Per Click (CPC) is considerably lower than AdWords
  • Competition: Bing Ads offer less competition than AdWords, making top keywords easier to buy
  • Customization: Bing Ads is actually the superior platform when it comes to customizing ads — Things like time zones, location, and device types are all highly customizable
  • Transparency: Bing Ads allow advertisers to see which search partners their Ads are being placed on, and even opt out of certain ones, unlike AdWords which does not provide that information

It’s no secret that Google is the most popular search engine on the planet, and using AdWords as your PPC advertising platform is more than reasonable. With that said, smart marketing plans consider all channels for successful advertising. Bing Ads clearly represent a strong alternative to AdWords. Call 866-356-8198 for Bing Ads PPC Management.

Bing Marketing Strategy

Add Positions Owner Discusses Bing AdsSo you’ve decided you would like to invest in a Bing PPC campaign. The question now becomes; what is your marketing strategy? Your Bing advertising campaign should have some clear objectives before you decide to start running ads for specific keywords. These objectives should include:

  • ROI Potential: Before you set a budget for a Bing Ad campaign, you should determine the financial ramifications of the campaign
  • Target Efficiency: Before you run any sort of PPC campaign, you should determine the demographic and location that you want to target
  • Time Sensitivity: To maximize your campaign potential, you must determine a time period that considers both your budget and your opportunity
  • Traffic Relevance: Your Bing Ad can generate thousands of clicks, and if none of them are interested in your services, all that advertising money will have been wasted — make your ads relevant and attract the right kinds of visitors

Your campaign is only as successful as the strategy used to construct it. For that reason, every aspect of your Bing PPC campaign should be carefully developed before any financial investment is actually made. At Nolen Walker, we manage campaigns down to the very last detail to ensure the best possible outcome for your PPC investment.

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Bing Ads Marketing MeetingChoosing a PPC campaign manager can be difficult with so many options to choose from. Luckily for you, Nolen Walker is an all-inclusive PPC management service that will end your online marketing needs once and for all. We specialize in PPC marketing for service industry businesses. We will maximize your marketing potential and generate quality leads for your company.

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