Best (Free + Paid) SEO Training Courses Online (2022 Update)

Best SEO Training (Blog Cover)

Learning SEO in 2022 is a significant opportunity. Whether you want to change careers, start an online business, or launch your million-dollar marketing agency, SEO is the #1 skill to help you achieve your goals. 

Unlike other career routes, digital marketing requires more hands-on experience than classroom learning. Still, you need to learn techniques and strategies from the industry’s top experts.

In addition, you need certification to prove to clients or employers that your skills match their needs.

These are online SEO courses and certifications that will help you reach your goals in 2022. Check out the best SEO training online courses, below:

1) Nolen Walker Academy, LLC

What separates NWAcademy from other courses on this list is that they actively run one of the nation’s top SEO agencies. Suppose you want to learn digital marketing from people that currently manage hundreds of clients. In that case, Nolen Walker Academy is the #1 option. Furthermore, they provide certifications to students.

NWA expands on most SEO courses by delving into the sales process in addition to more technical processes. Their course material runs the gamut from on-page SEO to content marketing, link building, and website design. So there’s really nothing you won’t learn if you sign up with NWAcademy. Best of all, they allow you to sell the course as an affiliate so you can test your skills in real-time while making money.

  • Instructors from Active SEO Agency
  • Earn Legitimate Certification
  • Learn SEO Process, Sales Process, and More
  • Make Money as an Affiliate While Testing Skills
  • Change Your Career, Lifestyle, and Start Your Own Business

2) SEO That Works

Brian Dean’s SEO training course “SEO That Works” introduces tested concepts with proven results. As one of the biggest names in the SEO industry, Brian Dean’s knowledge is uniquely valuable. Other training institutes present course instructors you’ve never heard of, but almost everyone with SEO awareness knows of Brian Dean. 

As a speaker at several of the top SEO conventions throughout the U.S, Brian’s knowledge is coveted by industry experts. His work has been featured on Entrepreneur and Forbes, among other mainstream publications. Enrollment is currently closed for his course, but you can join the waiting list. Some of the topics he focuses on include:

  • Link Building
  • Content Promotion
  • First-Page Rankings

3) Gotch SEO Academy

Gotch SEO Academy is a must for anyone who really wants to emphasize organic SEO tactics. While it is a bit of an investment at about $1,000, it will teach you skills that you can use to build a sustainable and fruitful SEO strategy. The most unique aspect of Gotch SEO Academy is that it focuses on processes you can scale for your business.

Some SEO courses harp on techniques and individual tasks, but Gotch understands that processes create sustainable business models. Make no mistake, SEO is a business, and if you want to make money with it, you will need to treat it as such. Gotch introduces concepts that help you scale your business, including:

  • Link building
  • Content marketing
  • Keyword application
  • The best User Experience practices

4) The SEO Playbook

The SEO Playbook is an excellent option if you already have a decent amount of SEO knowledge but need to know how to better implement it in real-life settings. 

The most remarkable thing about the SEO Playbook is that you access many “over the shoulder” videos with the course creator, Robbie Richards. You can sit with Robbie as he conducts a technical SEO audit to improve site performance for a client.

You will also get to see what it takes firsthand to set up the holy grail of SEO plans: the all-important keyword research list. The SEO Playbook is an excellent option if you prefer hands-on learning and want to put into practice some of the SEO tactics you have learned on paper. You can expect to pay nearly $500 for the SEO Playbook, but here are some of the significant advantages it comes with:

  • Access to the ever-growing library of SEO Playbook content
  • Over 50 steb-by-step SEO guide documents
  • Access to the exclusive Slack community where you will be able to speak directly with Robbie Richards and other marketing professionals
  • Over 100 “over the shoulder” training videos

5) MarketMotive

MarketMotive is an SEO certification course that provides training, exams, and ultimately a MarketMotive certification. Their courses are an excellent option for anyone looking for advanced aspects of SEO. Still, it makes our list of the best SEO training online courses because it still has something to offer beginners and intermediates. 

While not the best course to take if you are looking to delegate SEO work, MarketMotive was designed to boost individuals’ knowledge to boost their rankings in the here and now. Market Motive costs $300, and you will have access to all the materials for 180 days. During that time you can enjoy:

  • A comprehensive intro to the basics of SEO
  • An introductory course to the best website architecture practices
  • A breakdown of competitive SEO analysis
  • SEO workbooks
  • 25+ hours of online SEO training

6) Yoast Academy

If you have ever worked with WordPress, then you are probably already familiar with Yoast. They make one of the most robust and helpful SEO plugins on the platform. They also have made their in-depth SEO knowledge available to the public in the Yoast academy. 

The Yoast Academy goes in-depth with multiple of the most important aspects of SEO in the free version. In addition, the free version teaches you how to use the Yoast plugin like a pro, gives you a crash course on content writing, and goes into detail with SEO site structuring. 

There is also a paid version of the academy that covers pretty much every topic you will need to become an SEO master. From content marketing to technical SEO, the paid version, which can cost up to $700, teaches you what you need to know to optimize your site and other people’s sites. Some of the perks of the Yoast Academy include:

  • Training by some of the sharpest minds in SEO
  • Hands-on training for mastering the Yoast plugin
  • Great for anyone who is already or intends to work on WordPress
  • Multiple courses to choose from

7) SEMRush Academy

SEMrush Academy is a lot like the Yoast Academy. It also emphasizes teaching you how to use SEMrush tools. However, despite the promotional aspects of this course, it does actually offer excellent practical SEO training. 

SEMrush is a trusted name in SEO, so it’s got that going for it. But perhaps the best thing about SEMrush Academy is that it’s totally free! The courses are laid out by SEO experts, and it’s simple enough for beginners to get the hang of. 

While it doesn’t go as in-depth with things off-site SEO and technical SEO, it will provide you with a solid foundation to build that knowledge. Some of the benefits of SEMrush include:

  • Courses in pay-per-click marketing
  • Courses in content marketing
  • Basic SEO principles
  • Did we mention it was free?

8) HubSpot SEO Crash Course

Not everyone needs in-depth SEO training. Not everyone has a lot of money to pay for SEO training, either. That doesn’t mean you can’t get the best SEO training online, though. Case in point: HubSpot SEO Crash Course. HubSpot was designed for busy people who just need to get SEO basics down in plain English.

The course lasts only 5 days and consists of emailed materials. You read the materials at your own pace, and they are all pretty straightforward. Again, this wasn’t designed for anyone who already has the basics of SEO down. Still, if you want a quick and painless crash course to stay knowledgeable on the subject, this is an excellent option for you. Plus, you won’t have to pay a dime for the HubSpot SEO Crash course. That’s right, it’s totally free. Here are some of the other great things about it:

  • Teaches you the basics of off-site SEO
  • Helps you pick the right keywords for your website
  • Covers the basics of how websites get indexed
  • Goes in-depth with link-building