How Long is 1,000 Words for a Blog Post?

1000 Words

Marketing your business (whether it be large or small) is no easy task. Whether you place the onus on yourself or a dedicated marketing team, it can be hard to determine which tactics work and which ones aren’t. 

One thing you probably know for sure if you’ve taken any part of your company’s marketing into your own hands is that content marketing is essential. Whether you run a flower shop, a home remodeling business, an interior design firm, or a criminal defense attorney, you probably already know that people would instead learn about your business through a blog post than an advertisement. 

But even this is neophyte-level information. You know enough to have a blog for your business to draw traffic and create leads. But how long should your posts be? Also, why is your current blog not pulling in the traffic like it should or suffering a recent dip in traffic? Again, the problem could be the length of your posts.

In the following post, we will be talking about blog post length and how it may be affecting your readership. 

Blog Length has Shifted

If you look at the history of blogging, you will notice a trend: most company blogs are getting longer. In 2015, blogs that were 500 words or fewer were massively popular. Then blogs started to get longer and longer. The reason for this is that people started realizing that you can’t get a lot of information on a subject in just 500 words. 

As SEO trends and algorithms shifted, so too did the average blog post length. For a time, 1000 words were the golden standard for blog lengths. In 2021 however, that standard has also shifted. Most experts believe that the ideal blog length is no longer 1000 words but 1000+ words.  

However, nothing in digital marketing is ever that simple. For example, the ideal blog length depends on many things.

Different Situations Call for Different Lengths

One study found that blog posts that took an average of 7 minutes to read captivated audiences the most. So how many words would it take to produce a 7-minute read? It depends.

That’s because not everyone reads at the same speed. For example, the average American can read at a pace of 200-250 words per minute. So let’s assume that the average reading speed of your audience is 200 words per minute. 

To hit that magical 7-minute read marker, you would need a blog post that was 1,400 words long – well above the 100-word mark. Not everyone will read at that pace, though. Some will read slower, and some will read faster. Here are some other things complicating the equation:

  • Subject Matter: People read technical information at a much slower speed than 200 words per minute. If your blog content is very highly technically involved, it may be a better idea to parse it out into a series of shorter blogs. 
  • Topics: Most experts agree that blog topics like “how-to’s” deserve more verbiage. Since the blog is supposed to be teaching the reader how to do something in detail, “how-to’s” and other instructional blogs can reach up to 2,000+ words. 
  • Conciseness: Can the post adequately discuss in fewer than 1000 words? Many marketing experts agree that if you can cover a topic justly in 500 words, do so by all means. 

There is no universally right length for your blog post. Still, you probably have questions about what 1000 words and other lengths look like and how long they will take your visitors to read. For that, we refer you to our next section.

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What Does 1000 Words Look Like?

Many people are concerned with what 1000 words looks like to readers because they don’t want to scare them away with what appears to be a novel. Visually, 1000 words looks to be about 2 and 1/3 pages single-spaced. If you are double spacing, it gets bumped up to about four pages visually. The average person will also take between 1.7 and 3.5 minutes to read a 1000 word blog post. 

1000 Word Post

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What Does 1200 Words Look Like?

Again, you can’t cover every topic in 1000 words. If you are looking to bump the length up slightly, 1200 words is not much more than 1000 words visually. In most cases, it will look like two and 2/3rds pages long, single-spaced. If you are double spacing, it will take up about five and 1/3rd pages. 

It won’t take very much longer for the average reader to get through either. For example, readers can tackle one thousand two hundred words in about 2 to 4 and a quarter minutes. 

1200 Word Post

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What Does 1800 Words Look Like?

Now you’re getting into max attention span territory. However, if you are trying to get into detail about a topic, it must be done. Besides, anyone trying to find out “how to” do something is probably game for a lengthy read and all the details they can handle. 

1800 words will take up about four pages single-spaced and, you guessed it, eight pages double-spaced. Oddly enough, though, it should only take the average reader between 3 and 5 minutes to read 1800 words – so long as the subject matter isn’t profoundly technical. 

1800 Word Post

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Strike the Right Balance

In the end, blogging is all about striking the right balance between being informative and creating easily digested content. The line can be delicate and challenging to toe. Here at Nolen Walker, we provide professional content marketing services for every industry and niche. Our pros will create unique content and blogs at the perfect length for your specific situation. Get started today.

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